Hikers take flight when what they thought was a bear resembles Bigfoot


What's black and white and red all over?
Bears stand up all the time. Unimpressed.

And why run from a little bear like that?

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[ghost of steve c]It's bigfoot[/ghost of steve c]

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Michelle got lost on the way to a Provo Obama for America rally

Creasy Bear

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That is clearly a bear in a Bigfoot suit.

Bigfeets are real though. There's a reality show about the bigfeets... so they must be real.

There's a squatch out there somewhere.
I don't think if the thing gets up, you immediately turn and run like a girl, making all kinds of racket. I think there are bigfootses, but there's a lot of shenanigans, too.


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Turns out it was just a dirty mexican doing his thing

And here you have it ladies and gentlemen-- The first person to claim he's the "Bigfoot" in the Provo Canyon video that went viral last weekend. According SultanaB87, the young people did not see a Bigfoot. It was him, he claims. "Just a Mexican doing his thing," he says. "I was out scouting and just reconing for the hunt. i was in my dark brown full Northface sweeter and pants. maby if they didn't run so fast they would have heard me say (Wuts Going On)."

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Def a squatch, we found piles of squatch shit which Bobo taste tested for confirmation.