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Feb 18, 2005
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HIPerWall (Highly Interactive Parallelized Display Wall) is a large display wall built in Calit2 (California Institue for Telecommunications and Information Technology) at UC Irvine.

The HIPerWall is a 200 Megapixel tiled display built to visualize enormous data sets. It allows viewers to see detail, with 100 dots per inch on the screens, while retaining the context of an overview by seeing surrounding data (also in high detail). This allows a group of scientists to collaborate, share detailed information, while still keeping the big picture.

Because the resolution of HIPerWall is so high (25600x8000 pixels), generating images and data sets for HIPerWall is quite a challenge. Conventional tools, like PhotoShop, can open such large images on machines with a lot of memory, but it takes a long time and interactivity is impossible. HIPerWall uses software to coordinate each of the tiles so it shows the proper part of an image or data set at the appropriate zoom and gives the appearance that many display tiles act in unison. Ongoing research into how to deliver data to the nodes in a timely manner will allow rapid dissemination of enormous data sets for use on HIPerWall.


YouTube HIPerWall playlist


HIPerWall featured on CNN American Morning 08/20/2007
To see the live broadcast clips (06:54), click here (120MB, Windows Media) or here (154 MB, Quicktime).
To see the interview only (01:37), click here (CNN website).


This looks like amazing technology, that can be used for soooo many things.

I'm sure some wkbgrs have some ideas... :) , but this is seriously where visual products should be going, with todays technology.

in spoiler tags, since they are large.