Hipsters on Food Stamps


Go back to your shanties.
Wasn't sure where to put this. I have no qualms about posting this even though it refers to my own shitty generation because it's a pretty good read. Click the link for article. Was too big to post even half of it. So for all of you who say, "TL;DR" just know that Louis C.K. gets a cameo.



I'm Team Piggy!
It became a for profit thing that everybody is expected to do or forever regret it and feel like some grunt labor lackwit.

Realistically, people need 120 IQs to hack college and get anything out of it but the government and other entities make so much money and it is such a part of the American Dream to GO TO A GOOD COLLEGE (tm) that people will never decline college to the mentally unfit for it.

Statistically speaking, just going going by IQ charts by race and assuming that the "smart" people aren't the only applicants when 75 percent of a graduating high school class attends some form of high school, 85 percent or so of 'em shouldn't be there.

It is also a way to park people out from a shit society that the boomers ruined. The older people push the myth of GO TO A GOOD COLLEGE to keep the discontented 20 nothings from going apeshit. Parents and taxpayers subsidize the 4 year's worth of partying bribe.

Edit: The author should state how employers can't give IQ or aptitude tests or do criminal background checks so college degrees stood in for those other tests. The Degree was the signaling device for I'm Not A Total Fuckup. Now the hipsters are entire generation of kid-adults with "majors" that have zero impact because everybody has them. The college degree is now a signaling device for "I'm a 24 year old Bolshevik weirdo with 50 grand in debt."