Historc cards you've attended in person

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The WWF used to almost never ran cards on Christmas night until 1985 and 1986. I attended the one at the Cap Centre in Landover on Christmas night 1986.

I also attended the very first Slammy Awards at the Baltimore Arena in 1986. They had a shortened card after the live event was done. Hogan/Orndorff in a cage was the main event, I think.

Also at the Raw in Philly the night Stone Cold was supposed to face Vince and Dude Love came out to attack him. April 13, 1998. The feeling in the building that night was amazing.

I went to a Heat taping after that just to get in line to buy Wrestlemania tickets.

Wrestlemania 15 in Philly. Not the best WM, but holy shit is it a lot of fun.

and finally a lone WCW show.

Great American Bash 1998 in Baltimore, which was actually not a bad show until you got to the top of the card.

I had a ticket for King of the Ring in Pitssburgh when Foley went off the cell, but couldn't make it.

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I've only attended about 4 events in my lifetime, 3 house shows and a live broadcast RAW from Biloxi, MS (We made it on-camera there)


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Most of my live events came when I was a little kid in the 80's. My brother took me every time the WWF came to the Garden.

Snuka vs Don Muroco in a steel cage (old Boston Garden) when Snuka came off the top of the cage. The first time I realized wrestling was fake was when I saw this match live then a week later I watched this same match on TV from madison square garden and it was the Same match Spot for Spot all the way up to the same ending. I was like 10 years old.

Hogan vs. Iron shiek also Old Boston garden

The Famous Mass Transit ECW event in revere Mass..Yes it was the bloodiest match Ive ever scene. I drank a beer with Sandman and Axl rotton in the parking lot after one of the ECW events in Revere..They were making fun of RVD who had a Limo/town car pick him up.

Hogan vs Andre (old Boston garden)

Hogan vs Orndorff (garden)

Hogan vs Bundy steel cage (garden) I caught Hogans ripped tshirt when he tossed it into the crowd.

Hogan vs. Big John Studd (garden) My brothers friend who came with us got kicked out for fighting because he yelled out "Thats a N*gger fart if Ive ever smelt one" while we were surrounded by The African American types...it was pretty scary for a 10 year old to witness yet Funny to me now that I'm an adult.

A couple of Live Raws a few years back with some chick that was a Wrestling groupie so we got to meet all the guys backstage which was cool because they all wanted to bang her and probably did.
Attended about 15 house shows between going to Madison square garden and the meadow lands the one live show was summer slam 1997 when Owen hart fucked up the pile driver and dropped stone cold on his head
If you wanna count house shows, I was at an ECW house show on 6/19/98. Front row and got blood all over my shirt.


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I was at Survivor Series 2002, which was known for the return of Scott Steiner AND it was known for the first elimination chamber match EVER...................I was also at Summerslam 1997 when Owen broke Austin's neck.


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PPVs - King Of The Ring 2000, SummerSlam 06, Survivor Series 08 and the Royal Rumble 2011. I've been to over 15 RAWs and SmackDowns combined over the years. For the past 3 years, I've been getting free floor seats by being a seat filler.


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Matinee at the old Boston Garden the day after Andre gave the belt to Fibiase aired. Main event was Andre/Dibiase vs Hogan/Bambam. Saw the Dingo Warrior there a couple months before he became Ultimate. I think that was a matinee too.

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Survivor Series when they debuted the Elimination Chamber
Royal Rumble that HHH returned at
Wrestlemania 24 HBK vs Flair
The AWA TV tapings from Vegas, when Rose & Somers bloodied the Midnight Rockers and Nick Bockwinkel vs. Curt Hennig went 60 minutes.

Wrestlemanias 7 and 9 (yay, I was at the worst WM ever!)

The Triple-H vs. Batista Hell in the Cell (whichever PPV that was) and an Elimination Chamber PPV a couple years ago.

The RAW where CM Punk dropped his big pipe bomb.

ROH's first PPV, Respect Is Earned.


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I remembered I went to two ECW shows too. One in Waltham, MA in late 1996 or early 1997, and one in Danbury, CT in late 1999. At the Danbury card, New Jack did a suicide dive from the top of the bleachers

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Wrestlemania IV @ Atlantic City Convention Center.

They had a 14-man tournament for the WWF Championship, which in the finals, Savage beat DiBiase. But the big match was a quarterfinals match up between Hogan and Andre the Giant. During the match, Hogan hit André in front of referee Joey Marella while André hit Hogan with the chair. After both men hit each other with the chair, they both were disqualified. This did not make me or anyone in the attendance happy.

Best part was while partying before the event, I won about $300 in black jack, so it was a free trip. What better place to "pre game" then a casino? Gambling and free drinks? I am in!

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I also just remembered that I was at the taping of Superstars back in the day when the Body Donnas made their debut.

Also I was at ECW's Living Dangerously 2000 when Vic Grimes fell on New Jack's head.
Royal Rumble 92 when Flair won the WWF title for the first time.

Wrestlemania XX

New Years Revolution when Edge cashed in his Money In The Bank contract to beat Cena after The Elimination Chamber. I screamed myself horse when that happened.

No Way Out when Angle won his first title against The Rock

The Raw when Austin drove the beer truck to the ring.

TNA Lock Down when Samoa Joe won his first title.

Numerous ECW house shows and one TV taping around Boston when I was in college from 1996 - 2000.
The only wrestling event I've ever been to was WrestleMania 15 in Philly.
Seems like I run into people who were there all the time. My old boss was there as well. One of these days I'll have to go back and see if I can spot myself in the video. I don't think I've ever even watched it on TV.


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I was also at Summerslam 97 where Owen broke Austin's neck.

Was supposed to be at card where Flair won the NWA title back from Sting in 91 but a snowstorm forced me to stay home.

The epic rematch between Randy the Ram and The Ayatollah

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Was in the Garden when Bruno beat Stasiak in Dec 73 to start title run #2. (Yeah, I'm old). I was 15 at the time and it was one of my 1st shows because NY had an over 14 rule back then. Also was at the 2-day Crockett Cup in Baltimore in 87. Saw Mascaras in the Garden when he was the 1st masked wrestler to ever appear there.

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Halloween havoc 1998 featuring the long awaited (not really) rematch between Hogan and Warrior. Also the Raw where Stephanie was supposed to mary Test and HHH rooned it by showing footage of Steph being drugged and marrying HHH in the drive through in Vegas.