Hitting NOLA for New Year's/Sugar Bowl


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My friends and I have a native guide (female, Caucasian, former Army) so we're going to do some "local" stuff, but I want to hear what you guys have to suggest for things to do in New Orleans.

This'll be the 4th Sugar Bowl I've attended, so I know the usual rules about wearing old shoes/jeans to Bourbon Street at night, keeping a hold of my valuables, not getting suckered by the "where you got your shoes at" con, etc., but I'm interested in what others have to suggest.


Good luck, bro.

And have a ditch wallet with five dollars in it.


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The 9th ward is very active and full of adventure. The French quarter is a tourist trap, but one of the safer places to be. There are cops all over the place around that area. But anything outside downtown/French quarter is iffy. Good luck bro.


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Get a burger from yo mama's or port of call. PoC is usually insanely busy.

Get oysters from Drago's. Some of the best food I've ever had.

Get a hurricane from Lafitte's blacksmith shop. It's way down on bourbon past the gay district.


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Whats the "where you got your shoes at" con?


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I grew up un NOLA, from age 10 to 21. Best sandwich? Debris Sandwich from Mothers Restaurant on Poydras. Get a portrait done near the square. Have a nice dinner at Commanders Palace. Breakfast at camellia grill on S. Carrolton Outside of eating is drinking so hit a drive thru daiquiri place and enjoy a 151 large. The fun things to do are gone since the 80's -- Fat City, Pontchartrain Beach, the lakefront. Memories. Sigh.


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Muffuletta from Cental Grocery

Molly's on talouse is a nice, quiet dive bar just off of bourbon as well.


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Whats the "where you got your shoes at" con?
A young person will come up to you on the street and say something along these lines:

"Hi! You from out of town? Welcome to New Orleans! Wow, those are really nice shoes! Tell you what, if I can tell you where you got your shoes at, I'll shine your shoes for you. Only $20! If I can't tell you where you got your shoes at, I'll give you $20!"

The sucker (once, one of my friends, even after I told him not to...) takes the bet.

"You got your shoes on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans!", playing off of the tourist expecting the con man to tell him where he bought his shoes, rather than where his shoes are at that very moment. Con man then proceeds to shine your shoes and the befuddled tourist pays the $20 for a crappy shoe shine.

That's if the con man is being generous, of course. He could just demand the $20 for nothing, or just stick you up if you're in a quiet part of town.


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If you want a nice chill night check out the Carousel Bar in the Monteleone on Royal. It's a cool little piano bar, the actual bar is a carousel, i think it rotates 1 time an hour...of course there are non-moving seats too. Place has been around over 100 years, cool little piece of history.

As touristy as they may sound I can't go to NOLA without hitting up cafe du monde for some beignets and a few hand grenades

someone else mentioned Lafitte's blacksmith shop, definitely a place to check out


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I always drop in at monteleone to piss.

There's a pretty cool collector's/memorabilia shop on Royal.


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Went there for the Sugar Bowl to see the Sooners get humiliated.

LSU fans are the worst people ever.


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If Shooter thinks LSU fans are bad, he really needs to travel to West Virginia games, now that they're going to be in his conference.

There's a real difference between SEC fans and figuring out their language. They'll talk all the shit in the world, but if you play with them they'll usually offer you a beer and a plate of food from their tailgate. Don't back down, but don't be aggro and angry with them. SEC fans are a barking dog: if you start barking back they'll bark louder. If you show fear, they might bite. If you approach them in a calm, friendly but unservile manner, they'll respect you and become great friends.


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For example, I've never heard of LSU fans doing this like this to visiting fans:


LSU fans victims of assault after WVU game
Posted by John Taylor on September 26, 2011, 5:25 PM EST
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma v West Virginia Getty Images

After watching their team suffer a beatdown at the hands of LSU Saturday night, some West Virginia “fans” apparently decided to take out their anger over the loss on a group of Tiger fans attending the game.


According to WBOY-TV, four LSU fans were assaulted – presumably by individuals with a heavy WVU loyalty lean — in a parking lot near Milan Puskar Stadium. One victim suffered significant injuries in the alleged attack.

Here’s the TV station’s account of what transpired:

It happened in the Purple Lot as the fans were leaving in their vehicle headed toward Route 705, police said in a news release. That’s when an unidentified person threw a rock through the open window of the victim’s car. When the driver asked a group of people standing nearby if they threw the rock, police say the group approached the car and assaulted the driver.

The driver’s wife and two other people in the car got out and were also assaulted, according to police. They sustained minor injuries.

The driver was transported to Monongalia General Hospital for treatment and later transferred to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for surgery.

There were rumors bouncing around the Internet earlier today that the woman mentioned above was five months pregnant, although that’s not been confirmed by any reliable news source.

No arrests have been made in connection to the incident, although an investigation by the Morgantown Police Department is ongoing.

This continues what’s been a weekend the WVU football program would rather forget. In addition to the loss on the field and the alleged assault off it, WVU’s locker room was broken into and items stolen during the LSU game.

And, please, don’t even start on the “WVU fans are nothing but redneck thugs” BS. Every fan base has their derelicts, and WVU is no different. The picture of an entire fan base shouldn’t be painted with the same brush because of the actions of a handful.

Now, let the stereotyping commence in earnest in three… two… one…

UPDATED 8:28 P.m. ET: The Charleston Daily Mail has a report on the story as well, and provides some additional details.

The mother-in-law of the man who was injured confirmed that the four individuals who were assaulted were LSU fans, although there was nothing on the vehicle identifying it as being fans of the school. “It was just a random act of violence,” Helen Smith, the mother-in-law, told the paper.

Smith also confirmed that her daughter was in the car and is 22 weeks pregnant. The rock that was thrown through the window to start the incident landed in the pregnant woman’s lap. After three men dragged her husband from the vehicle, the beating didn’t stop until the woman began screaming that she’s pregnant.

The man suffered a broken nose, a crushed eye socket and a fractured frontal bone in the middle of his forehead.

The pregnant woman suffered bruising on her arms, legs and shoulders; fortunately, their unborn child was unharmed.

As of Monday evening, no arrests have been made.
Sorry, I'm going to stereotype WVU fans like this. While, yes, this kind of thing can tragically happen anywhere, at WVU it's not a shock. It's expected. What they don't say in the article is that this happened after WVU's administration spent the better part of the preceding month begging their fans to be on their best behavior for that game, because those retards honestly thought the SEC was going to invite them at that game.

The problem is that this isn't an isolated incident at WVU. This isn't exactly normal, and this isn't exactly and everyday occurrence, but it's like a murder in the bad part of town: it doesn't exactly shock you when it does happen.

Enjoy your new conference mates, Big XII.


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The only thing I've heard that is worse than that, a few years back an OU fan and a Texas fan got into an altercation and the OU guy ended up, no bullshit, ripping the guy's dick off
I hope that extra money is going to be worth all the headaches that they get from adding WVU.


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The only thing I've heard that is worse than that, a few years back an OU fan and a Texas fan got into an altercation and the OU guy ended up, no bullshit, ripping the guy's dick off
As shitty as that is, that's a rivalry. And a mean, nasty one at that.

WVU and LSU had never played each other until last year. Ever. Ever ever. They were two "name" teams that had never played each other and WVU fans got this hot about it.

That's why I can't shit on any fans other than WVU fans. I've been to games at WVU, representing a rival of WVU, and seen what I've seen.

WVU are scum.


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LSU fans are the worst people ever.
You have obviously never been to a Texas Aggie game. Lsu is a close second, but Aggies are the worst Jerry, the worst. But I really do hate the "Geaux Tigers" slogan. Oh, it's spelled with a Cajun French suffix, how unique and witty.


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Went there for the Sugar Bowl to see the Sooners get humiliated.

LSU fans are the worst people ever.
Keep sucking Stoops' cock. We'll keep winning championships.

With that said, there's a place on the Westbank called DiMartino's in Terrytown that has some of the best, most reasonably priced muffelattas and po-boys in the area. Also, ANY and I do mean ANY Vietnamese convenience store with a deli will give you the luxury of picking up a shrimp, catfish or roast beef po-boy that's easily 12-18 inches long and is stuffed to the brim all for about $8-10. Make sure you get it "dressed" too.

Sights are too touristy for me. I can't really recommend anything. Be at JAX Brewery for the ball drop NYE. Lots of out-of-state sluts looking for dick. That's about the only good thing.


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Apparently none of you have run into bama fans.

LSU fans can be brutal, but for the most part, are welcoming. I've been to several AU/LSU games in baton rouge, and had a great time.

I was at the 2005 AU/vtech sugar bowl. VT fans seemed fine, had some words with a couple after the game-but they were alright during the days leading up to the game.


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How shocking: the Texas fan and the Auburn fan respectively think TAMU and Bama fans are the worst.

There's a world of difference between how fans act against a rival and how fans act against an opponent. That's the first thing any college football fan has to recognize. And you have to understand that in any given situation, you can always find a few dickheads from any school. I've met assholes from Nebraska, for fuck's sake, and Nebraska has the rep for being the best-behaved fans in college football.

What matters are:
1.) Body of work
Does a fanbase's excesses consistently reach a high level of bad behavior. One or two bad things happening, I think most people can ignore. PSU students throwing snowballs at opposing teams is shitty, but it's not a consistent thing and is effectively a couple of isolated incidents.
2.) Response to bad behavior
This is a big one for me. When you see your fans being dickheads, what do you do? I've seen (and been) VT fans yelling at VT fans who are dicks at games. That's how you keep from getting a bad rep: when your fans are being serious dickheads, you call them on it. You police your own shit up. When bad shit happens, you fix it.
3.) Broadness of targets
If a fanbase is really shitty to its rivals, but are really great hosts to everyone else, I kind of give them a pass. TAMU is like that. I grew up in Texas: I know TAMU has a bad rep with Texas fans. But for everybody else in college football, they're fucking awesome. I had friends go down to TAMU in 2002, and after VT beat TAMU (and we were TAMU's first OOC home loss in a long, long time) my friends couldn't buy their own beers at the bars that night. TAMU fans practically swarmed them buying them beer and just talking football in general. But when a fanbase gets aggro and violent with pretty much any team on their schedule, they're just dicks. You don't want to play football against dicks. It's just not fun to travel to a game to be surrounded by assholes.

That's what I don't get about being shitty to visiting fans. I mean, for me, they just traveled to Blacksburg, a town that I love. I daresay most of the hardcore college football fans around here love their college town. So why be shitty to people who came however far away to spend money in your town? It's like being shitty to tourists. These people are going to come into your town, buy beer from your favorite bar, food from your favorite restaurant, and maybe help keep them in business for a little while longer. LSU fans swarmed Blacksburg in '02 and while the Blacksburg PD overreacted a bit to the LSU fans'... exuberance, they spent a shit-ton of money in town that weekend. That's a good thing, to most of us.

You get a rep like WVU has, and opposing fans stop coming to the games. They stop spending money in your town. Places like Morgantown can't afford to throw away that kind of money.