HitW HitW! - WoD or RPO - 7/11/2019

What about in the names of the people of the Stacks who were fucking murdered?
Just when you thought the movie got bored with the references, they're back! Just references! Nothing to it!
Their references are too strong. We need to reference harder!
They have so many references but they do nothing with them. As hokey as it is, there should be a sense of fun with using them like the Lego movie. Instead it's like "what skins can we use? Okay, have them all running."
It feels like there should be more visual distinctiveness in the bright Oasis 'character' heroes versus the dark IOI robots. But there isn't.
Some random ioi person just guessed it.
I actually like that the random IOI redhead is clearly passionate about this and proud of herself for figuring it out. It was a nice touch, actually. Not everyone is willing to pass up a good life because Gunter Pride.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
Oh god I forgot this movie ends with a fucking van chase in the real world.
They kept one thing from the actual novel and since the concept of Easter Eggs hasn't been talked about in over an hour, it doesn't fit at all.
Iron Giant, renowned death machine. But it also fits. You only get the surface concept of the reference.


Shantih Shantih Shantih
So many people died from being out in the real world not paying attention and like running off a cliff or something.
You go out for a coffee and you see all these jackasses running around and doing flips for no reason.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
"Enjoy this MechaGodzilla, because we're too chicken shit to ever put him in a real movie."