Holy Smoke - load your loved one's ashes into ammo

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A pair of Alabama conservation enforcement officers think they've come up with the perfect way for avid hunters to honor their loved ones for eternity.

Officers Thad Holmes and Clem Parnell have launched Holy Smoke LLC, a company that will, for a price, load cremated human ash into shotgun shells, and rifle and pistol cartridges.
It's the perfect life celebration for someone who loves the outdoors or shooting sports, Parnell says.

"This isn't a joke. It's a job that we take very seriously," he said. "This is a reverent business. We take the utmost care in what we do and show the greatest respect for the remains."
The company, launched in July, shipped out its first two orders on Sept. 16 — one from Florida and one from Kentucky — Holmes says.

It has established www.myholysmoke.com to promote the service and traffic on it has been growing, Holmes says.

For $850, one pound of ash will be loaded into 250 shotgun shells. The ash is mixed in the cups that hold the shot, not the powder.
Paul Kersey approves.


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The ash is mixed in the cups that hold the shot, not the powder.
Well, no shit.

$850 for 250 doesn't actually sound all that bad, really. I might just try that on my own though.


well shit the bed
so you can keep grandpa around and he can help you stop home invaders? i'm for it.