Home Run Derby Watching Thread

CM Mark

The East is Ours!
About 20 minutes away from the Home Run Derby on ESPN.

Here's the lineup

Prince Fielder Milwaukee Brewers 59 29
Vladimir Guerrero Los Angeles Angels 352 14
Matt Holliday Colorado Rockies 82 15
Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies 103 21
Justin Morneau Minnesota Twins 103 24
Magglio Ordonez Detroit Tigers 232 13
Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals 266 16
Alex Rios Toronto Blue Jays 45 17

The numbers after each players teams are career homeruns, and then homeruns so far in this season. If I was a betting man, I would put money on Howard repeating. I think Alex Rios will be the suprise of the Derby though. Don't think he'll win, but he'll do well.

Also, how many will we see land in McCovey Cove?
I'm taking howard to repeat....But I'd like to see feilder win cause I hate Philly.

As for my dark horse in the finals against howard....Justin Morneau...Young and Lefty


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did they really just have a fireworks show in the middle of the day?

CM Mark

The East is Ours!
did they really just have a fireworks show in the middle of the day?
Yes. And they had Counting Crows singing Accidentally in Love for the home run derby. :wtf:

CM Mark

The East is Ours!
Gotta love the Cheap Pop by putting on the Giants cap.

Oh wait, no you don't
Why are Hall of Fame SF Giants all either dead or crippled...


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Praying Kenny Mayne's kayak sinks.
Said the same thing.

I think its bullshit that Bonds isnt in this. Its shit like that that makes him so hated. Its your home crowd and its the prime event for you. I hope he gets to 754 and someone either throws it high and tight or he gets picked off by some crazed fan.


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Over a half hour for 2 batters. Good thing we got to know what Steve Phillips, John Kruk and Barry Bonds are up to. Hey, ESPN, SHOW THE FUCKING DERBY!


Boogity Boogity Boogity...Let's go racing boys...
great showing by magglio :haha7:

btw...Fielder is my choice to win...


Boogity Boogity Boogity...Let's go racing boys...
check out these stats of At&t ballpark

Opened: April 11, 2000
First HR: Kevin Elster, April 11, 2000
First "splash hit" HR into McCovey Cove: Barry Bonds, May 1, 2000
Total "splash hits" into McCovey Cove: 44
Total "splash hit" HRs for Bonds: 34
Longest HR: Bonds -- 499 feet to CF, 2002

bonds is king...


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I put my money on Holiday and Morneau. Both not looking so hot.

This Bronx is burning is getting good reviews but holy shit did that clip look awful

Why is Arod in a fucking suit? What a jack ass.


Boogity Boogity Boogity...Let's go racing boys...
an hour in...and 5 batters so far...WOW...exciting shit...


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It used to be nice when they just showed the HR Derby and didn't have a million other things going on in the background. It's like it's produced by a bunch of ADD kids on crack.


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an hour, 5 guys and a total of like 15 home runs. This is thrilling.


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Berman is the sports version of Boardroom Jimmy
I loved when they were interviewing Mayne the last time and those retards Dusty and Morgan were just having their own loud conversation about Prince Fielder.


Boogity Boogity Boogity...Let's go racing boys...
Vlad...503!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow


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Is this shit STILL going on?!?!? I gave up when Hell's Kitchen came on.