Homeless Shopping Spree II


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Once again, O&A+Friends invaded a shopping mall to help the homeless in this almost recession time.

They mentioned the mall on Tuesday, and they also had a gay homeless person(sperm) and ziggy. Keith the Cop brought them into the studio.

Tons of Photos of The Homeless Shopping Spree:

I hope they bring it back to the short hills mall... I work there now! :D


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That would be to predictable if they go to Short Hills Mall.
I wonder were it will be.
The best part of homeless shopping spree, is to try to guess where they're going. We'll find out Tuesday.

Ziggy,Tippietoes, and the new homeless guy Sperm ! Hope they can find Greywolf too.


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I hope there are in the city, that the only way i could go to see them :D
It wouldn't suprise me if they goto the Westchester Mall back in my stomping grounds. Damn them! :D


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I have a suggestion. O&A should do a homeless Christmas shopping spree here in Las Vegas sometime. Maybe give the homeless some gambling money and have them invade posh hotels and casinos. :D


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That will happen only after O&A are doing very well in Las Vegas on that AM station, 1140 AM KSFN HOTTALK.

I do hope that it was as good as last time.


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to all the mall me afraid , Very afraid :eek: :p :eek:
They've got it narrowed down to 3 possible malls, I don't think LV is in the running Max. I'm sure Short Hills is still in the mix. It has to be one they can get in and out of easily.
I guess we'll find out soon enough.


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Well well well.. Less that 24 hours till we know the spot.. Regardless of where.. It is going to be a good one...




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Keith you guys are great for doing this.
Give those snobs hell. and if the place is in jersey I will do my best to be there.
Originally posted by FOFOLINA:
<STRONG>Keith you guys are great for doing this.
Give those snobs hell. and if the place is in jersey I will do my best to be there.</STRONG>
Right behind you! *charges on with WOW sticker and rifle*


that had to be on of the goddamn f'n funniest shows i've heard in like the 6 monthes i've been listening!!

homeless guys shopping in a mall, always funny!
I've never laughed so hard ( while sober :D ) in my life. It amazing how hard it is to drive while gasping for breath from laughing so much. O&A RULE!!!!!!!!!