Homemade Hot Sauce


Ideologically Unsound
Anybody else make their own hot sauce. It's my latest "thing". I've made a few fresh sauces and have a Serrano-roasted pablano, yellow habanero, and red peri-peri-garlic fermented chili mash going right now. So much less cheap vinegar and salt taste in the homemade. More fruity/earthy chili flavour.
*waits for AHC to also respond to the 'more fruity' alert*

Not a bad idea. Use a guide to start?


I'm Team Piggy!
My father does and makes a very good serrano based salsa, too.
I've never really been able to grow the hot peppers well but I like to pickle hot banana peppers.

Care to give some recipes?


LDAR, bitch.
Yeah recipes please. I'd love to try this. I eat lots of spicy foods.


Ideologically Unsound
I'll put a couple of links to good info sites and a couple of simple/easy recipes of my own to start when I get a chance.