Hoo-Hoo Needs Dentures

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From Orbitcast: http://www.orbitcast.com/archives/howard-stern-wears-dentures.html

Howard Stern wears... dentures?

turn our focus to something far more important: Howard Stern's teeth (or, according to the New York Post, the lack thereof).
A discovery was made by a crew member on a photo shoot for Hamptons magazine that accidentally "got lost" (yeah right) and "ended up in the master-bedroom bathroom." I know that when I get lost in someone's house, the first place I'll head for is the master-bath... because it will undoubtedly lead me to safety. (In the midsts of my confusion I tend to rummage through medicine cabinets as well.)
"Sitting on the counter were a set of dentures," the source told the New York Post.
A rep for Stern did not return multiple requests for comment by the Post. Understandably so because the story is... friggin' useless.



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who gives a shit if the guy needs dentures


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A better question would be what's he using to replace his lost talent?
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