Horray for meth!

I just want some white crosses to get by
but the fucking government wants to take away my convenient store speed

fuckin' assholes, I'm trying to lose weight again


we want to regulate you


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I wanna kill the annoying fat bitch with the camera


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness
That broad's skin is surprisingly nice and toned for 40, until she started tearing it off with her fingernails that is.


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omfg what a mess. you get one life and this is how some people choose to spend it, what a shame


LDAR, bitch.
But all life is precious. No way she should be shot in the head like a lame horse.


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It's a shame she is only 20 years old.


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If that were a rabid dog it would be put down without hesitation, but instead it costs the taxpayers more the keep these things than the average income earner makes in a year.

They say Jesus says we have to take care of these people, well I say Fuck You to Jesus, I'm on Satan's side.
Holy Jesus, how many days do you have to stay awake tweaking on that shit before you start tearing away at your own flesh?