Horrible Versions of Great Characters


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I can't be handicapped like that.

Its like telling a black comic he can't do jokes about long dicken bitches or humping the stool. I need an act!
Hey, it could be worse, I was going to use a pic of Lady Di.


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Freddie would have approved of the outfit and of the cute twink inside it.


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Oh I forgot that. My main beef with Lex remains that he had no motivation to kill Superman. The Turkish Air commercial revealed he profited greatly from Superman's clumsiness. You'd think they'd be buddies.

I can fix Lex pretty easily without even recasting Eisenberg or changing the movie: reveal that Lex' dad was killed in Metropolis as well. Two lines of dialogue give his character a lot more weight and substance: Line one during Senator Peach Piss scene while he's already droning on about his father: "Superman took my father from this world - I keep this room exactly like he left it as a reminder..."

Then when he's on the roof with Lo, the truth of it comes out: "Superman took my father from this world, and robbed me of the satisfaction of killing him myself."
Here are a couple of little bitties that could have gone ways towards redeeming this version of Lex. Some are minor scenes, some are pretty major changes. Regardless, I don't think they don't fit the character as he's presented.
* An understanding of where he came from. Was he primarily a technology/nano-technology/computer guy forced into leadership after the death/disappearance of his father, who never groomed him for this position.
* People debating whether he was a) a misunderstood genius, b) a young guy totally unprepared for the reigns of leadership, c) a guy still in shock over the loss of his father during the Battle of Metropolis and therefore unable to handle the pressures of running a multi-billion dollar company.
* Stock prices of LexCorp. How they doing?
* The "Either we can crack alien technology and usher in a new world, or we can make an app." moment.
* "You misunderstand Miss Lane, I'm not upset that my father died. No! I'm upset that I didn't have a chance to do it myself." DUN-DUN. "And if you're wondering why I'm confessing this to you for seemingly no reason...I'll work on that later."
* Mercy being his Alfred, someone he can confide in (not entirely of course, but enough to give us insight into him). This way when he sacrifices her, it has meaning. And we get to see him with his mask partially off earlier.
* A better sense of his mask coming off. I think that's supposed to happen during the roof top scene but his plan is so batty that we don't get a sense he's all that different from his twitchy public persona.
* Threatening judges with their skeletons rather than with candy; Senator Finch has none so what's he to do? Answer: Lecture her about proper painting hanging. "From the sky." *turns crank* "From the ground" *turns crank* "From the sky." *turns crank* "From the ground."
* A comment to Bruce Wayne about both of them being orphans who inherited everything they ever got. Not when he's out-in-out evil, but more like he is in the charity scene, where he's awkward and he "accidentally" made a social faux pas.
* He has the Darkseid dream because of his mucking about in alien ooze (if you gave that dream to Lex, would it change anything? In a weird way, wouldn't it make more sense?)
* I get the, he wanted to make a tragedy that Superman seemed partially responsible for and that makes complete sense. There are ways to do that. But drug lord terrorists in Africa? Can you think of anyone the American public would feel less sympathy for?
* Nothing with kidnapping Martha. If he needed to kidnap anyone, kidnap Alfred. Batman's the type to go off half cocked and nuts when he's at this fever pitch; far more than Superman. Especially if he still has Robin PTSD.
* The hardest part of the movie is figuring out a good reason for Batman to fight Superman. Like maybe Batman could be a wild card who throws Lex's scheme into disarray.
* Escaping incarceration because "I mean, it's alien technology. How was I supposed to know it had a cave troll defense monster?
* "You're a maniac Lex." "True, but I know everything about you Clark. And Bruce Wayne. And Diana." "Who?" "Wonder Woman." "Who?" "The chick you guys were hanging out with." "I thought she was with you."
* Superman being like "Wait a minute, why is Zod's ship being taken to my backyard? Shouldn't the Blake Lively replacement have told me about this? I assumed she'd be a person willing to help me on the inside. I mean hell, why wasn't I on top of this? I'm a reporter. I can see it out my bloody window!" (Nothing to do with Lex, but when in Sin Rome)


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One of the worst butcherings of a character, ever.


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Normally, I like Tim Sale's artwork, but I am NOT a fan of his Joker.

I don't like Joker in Death in the Family either.


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While I'm on the topic of Tim Sale's missteps, I never liked his emo Charlie Chaplin version of Dick Grayson or his Don Corleone version of Alfred either.


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90's Doctor Fate. Just called Fate.

Who was later killed off.

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Wonder Woman from The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller.


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While we're on the topic of Frank Miller in this thread...



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