horse shot more than 50 times


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what kind of a sick fuck would do something like this? I swear, I'm no PETA fanatic, but I would gouge out this sick fuck's eyes with zero guilt:

Former race horse shot more than 50 times in southern Utah

VINS, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Clark Ence went to the 3 Mile Corral outside of Ivins Sunday night to feed his two horses. As he approached, he noticed one of the horses was down on its side. At first Ence thought nothing of it. But then he saw the blood.

"Yes, I mite" was a 10-year-old quarter horse that won his share of races before being retired. In retirement, the Ence family has given him the nickname "Crookneck."

Now "Crookneck" is dead. Investigators estimate the horse was shot up to 50 times by a small caliber weapon. All of the shots were in the torso. There was no "mercy" shot to the head. Death was slow and painful. This horse wasn't just killed, he was tortured.

The Ence family is devastated. Tens of thousands of dollars had been put into that horse during its lifetime. But more importantly, it was part of the family. They now worry about their other quarter horse, "Jenny", as well as the animals kept in corrals in the vicinity.

John Paul Fox, a veteran investigator with the Humane Society of Utah has seen this before. He said the person or persons who committed the crime fit one of two profiles: 1) A loner with a grudge against the family. 2) Teenagers with access to weapons. If teenagers are responsible, they will likely brag about it to their friends or perhaps even put up the video of the slaughter on YouTube. They will probably be caught. But the loner, he said, "may never be caught."

Under current Utah law, animal cruelty is a misdemeanor. But, prosecutors could also charge a suspect with criminal mischief. The animal's value would likely make that charge a felony.

The Ence family is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. Anyone with information is a
sked to call the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 435-656-6500.


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i almost cried just reading that. eye for an eye. do the same thing to them. fucking savages

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that's some twisted sick fucked up shit

but it would have been funny if the guy had lynched it


Hope they de-ball the asshole(s) responsible for this horrible crime. Fucking savages.


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I was hoping this was a John Kerry thread...


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c'mon guys, stop with the jokes already. :deadhorse


Bastard coated bastard w/ bastard filling
I really think it would behoove you guys to show a little empathy here.

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man i'm crying over here.

seriously i hope they string the kids that did this up my their small mushroom heads.

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It's not that were better, were just less worse
I cannot believe that someone would waste all that good meat!


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i will be the deek here and point out that if that horse was insured (and many are) the owners themselves could have killed it, and made it look like some one else did it, it happens all the time. its awful what people do to horses.


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When I saw "former race horse", I figured it was someone who had lost his ass betting on the loser.
Its just a fucking horse, jesus christ. What is everyones fascination with horses? Cows, Chickens and Pigs are slaughtered every day, many in less than humane ways. :action-sm


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Hellooooo WilbbuuuuuACK ECK ECK AH ACK.....


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Its just a fucking horse, jesus christ. What is everyones fascination with horses? Cows, Chickens and Pigs are slaughtered every day, many in less than humane ways. :action-sm
Show me a cow, chicken or pig that has been shot in the stomach until it died in agony, then was served to me for lunch. Then you may have a point.