Hostel 2


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Well, if you've seen the first movie, lets just say you've seen the 2nd.
Exact same ebb and flow as the first, same results and ending. WITH A TWIST! They use GIRLLLLSSSSS this time and a totally unnecessary background on the killers.
Movies gonna prolly make a good box office, but its horrible and predictable. You'll wait about 85 mins of a 93 min movie for the torture scenes which well... *shrug

The plusses - The first torture scene I did like, lots of nudity (involving the ugliest chick of the 3) and pretty stylish. Not worth price of admission.
The special effects by Greg Nicotero are great as usual.

As for the "most shocking ending in movie history"... its been done about 50 times before in b-horror movies, which this basically is.

Spoiler for that last part for those that dont care to see it.

The "bad kids gang" from town from the first film kick around the villainesses' head like a soccer game at the end... yep. shocking.

See something else.


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Just got done watching it and it was not anything special. I liked the first Hostel movie better.
I think the shocking ending was.....
When she cut the dudes dick off and bought her way out. OOOh so shocking.


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Do any of the female victims get ****d with a broken bottle or lit road flare?

Wha, too much? :action-sm


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Bah humbug, I didn't see the first one, ain't seeing this one.

Fake snuff films, not my thing.
Do any of the female victims get ****d with a broken bottle or lit road flare?

Wha, too much? :action-sm
Wait for "An American Crime" with Catherine Keener, those things only get done in intellectual indie movies based on child abuse cases from the 1960's, this year. And it's being done to the girl who played Kitty Pride, in X-Men 3.


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ill see it just cause bijou phillips is in it. the first one was ok. i laughed my ass off through 90% of it.


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I don't get the appeal of these movies or why Tarantino is hanging on this character Eli Roth's nuts.

I mean if you've seen Saw how many more variations can you have of "death by wacky torture"? Saw II, Saw III, Hostel, Touristas, and now Hostell II? Enough already.

Seven beats all these flicks hands down.