Hostel 2

Anybody catch it???

What was the "most shocking ending ever to a movie" that they've been honking???


Anybody catch it???

What was the "most shocking ending ever to a movie" that they've been honking???

saw it few days ago... it was good, if you liked the first you will like it.

Oh and the ending was sooooo not shocking that it was indeed shocking
First one was better. Still a pretty cool flick. There was no 'super shocking ending' though.
Lots of gross-out violence though!
It was pretty bad.

Although the part with the girl slicing up the tied up girl was pretty cool.


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creepier and more gore than the first, I liked it


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at the very least, is it spankable?

And I'm not talking about "only one chick was naked" like a naked chick is the only thing can get a guy off. I'm talking about for purveyors of bondage.


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there was one scene where they hung the girl upside down and tied up, what happens after that apparently got balzac hard :p
some lady lays down under her and slices the girl up and rubs the blood all over her
the more blood, guts, violence, & nudity the better in my opinion. i think you get that with this movie... i'm surprised this movie got an "R" rating after the above mentioned scene... i definately enjoyed the flick.
fucking awful...went in expecting this HUGE gore-fest and it didn't satisfy what I wanted...and, as stated above, the ending was not shocking at all

if you want to see it but haven' it from netflix


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Very disappointed, i thought it would have more gory scenes, but nope and if not enough nudity. The ending was weak and not shocking at all. The only good thing about it is that i didn't spend any money on it cause sneaked in to see it after i saw FF4 2, if you haven't seen it wait for it to come out on cable.


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Just saw it, it was great if you "get" Eli Roth movies. A lot of people mislabel him as a horror director but his movies are more like twisted comedies than horror. Blame the advertising campaign.

The gore was more intense (I don't know if the penis scene was in theaters, but goddam that got to me) and the ending had me laughing out loud.

It wasn't as funny as the first but all around I think it was a better movie.

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I recently watched Hostel for the first time and it really disturbed me. Holy shit.