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Oct. 11, 2007

Authorities in Florida have charged a 17-year-old with sexually assaulting and killing a 99-year-old woman in her home early Tuesday morning.

Initially, investigators called the death of Edith Mecalla, who was living with her 77-year-old daughter in Poinciana, Fla., "suspicious." But a medical examiner ruled Wednesday that the woman's death was a homicide and that she had been the victim of a sexual battery.

Deputies arrested Moise O. Opont late Wednesday night on a felony warrant for burglary and battery to a person over 65 years old, according to Twis Lizasuain, spokeswoman for the Osceola County Sheriff's Office.

Opont "cooperated" with investigators during questioning, before additional charges of first degree murder and sexual battery charges were filed in the case.

Authorities will not reveal the specific cause of Mecalla's death, citing an ongoing investigation, but said that detectives believe the elderly woman was targeted by Opont and that they don't believe robbery was his motive.

The elderly woman's 77-year-old daughter was cleaning her house shortly after 2 a.m. Tuesday when she was startled by an unknown male running through the house.

"He struck her with an unknown object and fled the home," Lizasuain told ABC News. "She called 911."

Deputies responded, took a statement from the 77-year-old and set up a perimeter around the house to search for the assailant. Ultimately, authorities opened a back bedroom of the house, Lizasuain said, and found Mecalla dead.

"When the house was checked, that's when everyone noticed the mother had passed away," she said. "They waited for the medical examiner's autopsy and he concluded it was a homicide and she had been sexually battered."

Meanwhile, authorities had produced a sketch of a suspect, based on information provided by Mecalla's daughter. The release of the image, Lizasuain said, helped police make a speedy arrest.

Opont is being held at the Osceola Regional Juvenile Detention Center, where he faces five charges, including first degree murder, sexual battery, burglary and two counts of battery to a person over 65. Opont's record already included a battery on a police officer and burglary charges.


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Um... I don't want to say they all look alike, but doesn't the sketch look like a balding middle-aged man? How exactly did the sketch lead to the arrest of this 17 year old?
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