Hour of Victory - Xbox 360


You can go fuck.
Aug 19, 2005
Well, what can I say. Midway games developed it.

That means it's almost guaranteed to be an "Almost-Good" game.

Upon throwing it in my 360, I found that to be the case.

Graphics are great, sure. Frame rate occasionally suffers though. Especially so when/if you die. (Maybe that's on purpose, but it sure looked equivalent to slowdown on a pc) Explosions are nice. But model animation (on things like enemies) really sucks, as well as the pathing AI for them.

Sound is generic. The game is laden with simple stock sound effects from Bobs sound effect library of suck. The music is standard triumphant hero fare you'd hear in any world war 2 era game. Nothing was remarkable or memorable about that. (But what do I expect, it IS an american made game. Americans don't compose memorable music for their video games. )

Controls are also generic, and would've been the saving grace of the game, had they been fluid.
Any time you have a game with a gun in it to shoot, and it's harder to aim in-game, than real life... the game is going to suffer. And this game is definitely suffering.

Aside from that, the first level, the second level, the third level, aand 4th levels are bland.
It's like call of duty without the joyous controls, graphics, sound and fun.

I would've called this game Call of Doodie.

If anyone has found any redeeming quality to this game and I'm missing it. Do chime in.