House [Fox Tuesday 9PM]


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Wow nothing on this am I the only one looking forward to the season premiere tonight @ 9pm on fox.


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I'm looking forward to it :D


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Awwww I am. It should be fun now that he's looking for new people to replace the three whiny drips.


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Cutty is looking great this episode and Wilson is the star of the show tonight. Great premiere so far. now to get that hot girl back on his team.


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Really good episode to start the season. The hijacking of the guitar with wilson was great.
Is it just me or did Cutty get a little work done on her nose?
I heard one of the new Docs is Olivia Wilde who was the semi-lesbo chick from the OC.


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I thought it was a good premier. House hasn't changed and I loved the whole Wilson-guitar thing.
It's nice to have something good to watch on Tuesdays again. House fucking rules.


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It was a great episode. They hype all of the drama on the commercials, but it is also one of the funniest shows on TV right now (in a good way).


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I watched it. It was pretty good.

And btw, Robot Chicken's take on M. Night rocks.


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Thought it was a really solid, funny episode last night. I forgot how funny this show is.
Loved the premier.

One of my favorite jokes:

Cutty: (Sigh) "Where did you come from?"

House: "Apes, if you believe the Democrats"

A week or so ago I heard Kal Penn is one one of the applicants. For those who don't know he is of "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" and "Van Wilder" fame. Most recently he was on "24". Man, I really hope he becomes perminant. He is a riot and hell of an actor. I think he could definetly hang with House in the wise-ass department.


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Really great episode last night. I hope the season continues to be as good as the last 2 episodes; and it was nice to see some of the old crew.
Seriously? I fucking hate that whore. I wonder what the deal with Foreman's gonna be now.


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Seriously? I fucking hate that whore. I wonder what the deal with Foreman's gonna be now.
Maybe he'll find out why he has the same first and last name as the kid from "That 70s Show" :icon_roll
Hey, is anybody still going to post on this thread?:icon_conf

I think the show is getting really interesting. I can't believe I actually caught myself rooting for certain characters like it was reality a show.:icon_redf:icon_roll

I personally want Kal Penn's character to stay, but he hasn't done alot to stand out from the rest. With exception of saving his own ass after getting fired twice, & bringing back a patient by shocking her in an oxygen rich chamber and caused her chest to burst into flames in the process.

The cut-throat girl is interesting, but she probably only thrives within the context of House's game. Even if she stays, she'll probably continue to be a catty, compettitive bitch.

I like the hot brunette. I have a good feeling she'll stay.

I hate that tool plastic surgeon who has been dogging the old guy. I really liked that guy. Hate to see him go.:(

I really like the mormon guy. I'm fairly certain he'll stay. Especially after last night.

I have no feelings about the nervous guy one way or the other. He will probably be gone.

Anyway, I also thought what happened with Foreman and Cutty was pretty funny.

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Yeah, I know I'm a tool, but I felt like I had to do it.:icon_redf:icon_bigg:haha7:


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I'm really digging it this season too. I also liked the old guy and was sad to see him go.


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Yeah I hate Foreman. I'm glad he's there if only so House can rub it in about how he had to come crawling back. And I LOVED the rose ceremony. :icon_lol:
Sucks to see the old guy go, I wish it would have been cutthroat bitch. I can't begin to express my disdain for her. My prediction for the 3 that stay are Mormon dude, hot mystery doctor, and Kal Penn's character. I'd rather have it be the surgeon than the Mormon, but I don't think that will happen.

And in case I haven't said it before, I positively love this show, it's incredible.


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Another really great episode, and now we know what John from Cincinatti had. I am really liking the "reality show" angle this season.

And House looked really nice the flannel shirt at the end. (NH)