How about something nice for a change? Hero saves tot by catching her


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A Brooklyn bus driver picked up another occupation on Monday: hero.

Steve St. Bernard caught a 7-year-old girl as she
plunged three stories from a Coney
apartment building.

The girl reportedly had crawled out atop an air-conditioning unit in her
family's third-floor apartment. Video shows her swaying and dancing as onlookers
gather around. St. Bernard (yes, that's really his last name) stood directly
under the girl.

When she lost her balance and fell, he caught her. In video from New York's
WPIX-TV, one woman says she ran to bang on the door of the apartment. "The
mother ... did answer the door. I believe she was asleep," she says.

St. Bernard's arm is in a sling. He apparently tore a tendon as he rescued
the child.

St. Bernard told reporters that he had a young daughter too and hoped that
someone else would do the same for her if she were in trouble.

According to WPIX, Monday was St. Bernard's 10-year
anniversary with New York's Metropolitan
Transportation Authority

What a way to celebrate.,0,616211.story

Video from WPIX at the link.


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It's raining niglets in Brooklyn.

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Did he spike her and do an endzone dance after he made the catch? "whaa"
The kid would probably have been a chocolate pancake if he wasn't late for work.


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This buttinski prolly should've let nature take it's course. The kid had two strikes against him in life.


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Taxpayers are going to get stuck with the surgery, rehab, and disability bills cause this guy didn't let Darwin do his work.


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7-years old? He woulda been a 'hero' if she were 7-months (hero catch cutoff is up to 3-year old kids), he's just some guy that caught some dumb kid.


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I'm very disappointed that none of you has made a talking dog reference, an Eric Clapton reference, or a Curb Your Enthusiasm/Bill Buckner reference.


Motorhead is going to be pissed when sees this isn't about the safe


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the father is pissed because he can't start a hip hop career with a cover of tears in heaven.

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Fuck that bus driver. I needs me a lawyer!

The mother of the girl told CBS 2′s Derricke Dennis her daughter Keyla is autistic and was supposed to be sleeping in the bedroom under the window air conditioner she had bought and installed on Sunday.

“I heard somebody banging on the door, stating that my daughter was outside on the air conditioner, but I had no idea what was going on because I had my son,” said the girl’s mom Saleema McCree.

McCree said the unit was not secure and the side vents easily opened, which allowed her daughter to squeeze through and get out.

“They sold me a defective air conditioner,” McCree said.
Hope the Penn state people see what you're SUPPOSED to do when you see a kid in danger.