how do u chicks do it??

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o.k. here's the story....
tues. i found something to argue with my girl about, and she was dead wrong,it was nothing serious but since i rarely win a fight with her i jumped at the chance!!
but somefriggin how when i brought it up and tried to win te fight she turned totally 180 degrees and made m look wrong!!not only that but she made me feel bad about it!!

HOW THE F DO YOU CHICKS DO THAT!!!!goddamn it!!i know she is crackin the f up about it!!!
:mad: :mad:

so ladies, if you know how she did it,can you clue me in so i can finally win a friggin fight!!!!:mad:


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I think she is the type that never likes losing a fight, no matter if she is wrong.


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I will admit when i do things wrong. also never bring the past in a fight BAD BAD IDEA!
There's just something about women that we will always win a fight.

However, women will remember things from long ago and use it against you in any argument.


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any new member would like to chip in?


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my ex keeps telling me now that i was always wrong and always tried to win the fight when i only tried to present my side. I dont care who "wins" arguements. I jsut like to get them solved in a civil matter. Thing is, I think he likes to always be right. I mean, how many times could everything be my fault?


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Aren't woman like O and A.. They always win in the end. :)
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