How do you change the picture next to the www adress????


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If you are using IE, you can see a E inside a page next to the adress of the site that you are visting. How does one change that?
you cant, but the web page your'e visiting sometimes puts its own icon which will change the E. In the case of ... we change the E into a little WOW icon... BUT once you clear your temporary internet files, its gone

to get it back

remove wackbag from your bookmarks

clear your temporary internet files

shut down browser then restart

go to, make a new bookmark

next time you start up your browser, wackbag will have the little WOW icon in the URL window and the bookmark.

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lets suspose that someone was making a web page, how would one do it?
make your icon (96 X 96 dpi)... Rename it to favicon.ico .... upload it to the same directory where you default page is.