How Do You Guys Feel


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About O&A syndicated and the gag order taken out??

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I used to be a contenda.....
I think it's about fucking time!!!! Anyone know where they're are going as far a syndication? I heard here that Chicago was monday?? when is Boston like 2 1/2 months?? where else? anyone? anyone? bueller? (sorry about the bueller carried away with myself!) :D


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great lets get it on They are gonna get what they deserve, finally. :cool:


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It is great that that happened to the show because from now on they can spread the virus to more listeners and have more fun.

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I feel terrific. Thanks for asking.
I've got kinda of a headache from last night,
but I'll be okay (j/k).
It makes me very happy that they can finally say whatever they want, and I think the show will just continue to get better.
I feel good that the gag order is gone and O&A are finally syndicated. They are getting what they deserve good luck O&A...