How do you teach a child to chew?

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I got this stepson. Not that it matters, but the wife shares custody so the dad has primary. We have him every other weekend.

This kid is 5 and nearly chokes every other meal because he won't chew his fucking food up. Practically bite, swallow. Bite, swallow.

How do you teach a kid to chew their food? Or if they choke enough will they just get it eventually?

I never really thought about it before and I guess I assumed it was one of those things that just come naturally. But is it?

He's normal as far as I can tell. Meaning no mental retardation or anything.


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Maybe he just needs to learn portions.

My kid just did it.
How can someone not understand the concept of chewing? My cousin's two year old does it just fine.

Is the kid a bit slow?


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I guess 5 years old is a bit too late for ol' Dr. Marten to be making an appearance...

Uhh, sorry, being your step son and all. I just hate kids.


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my nephew was the same way. that kid would choke on mashed potatoes. 5 seems a little old for that. i would have to assume that he needs to be given smaller pieces and less, does he shovel food into his pie hole like a dog? my kid is 10 and i have to tell him not to shove too much food in his mouth or he's going to choke and end up a fucking retard from lack of oxygen.


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Just a thought.. does he have any problems or pain with his teeth? It might be a habit he's developed because of some previous dental problem.

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I have a nephew with the same problem. Only difference is that he is two. He is getting speech therapy. It helps with the motor skills. He has an issue and it will show itself sooner or later.

With all due respect, there may be some issues beyond your control. For mom to not have custody jumps right out at me. Does he have the same issues when with the father ??

If you were not married I would tell you to run for the hills brother.


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its not that uncommon, 5 is still pretty young, just cut everything really small for him and consistently remind him to chew. tell your wife to remind his father of proper eating habits


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Cut the pieces into kid-sized portions, then eat one yourself, and count how many times you chew before you are comfortable enough to swallow.

Add 5 to that number.

Make him count (on his fingers) and show how many chews he is up to.

You'll teach him math and eating at once!


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Chewing is a natural reflex (teething, etc.).

Maybe someone trained him to go easy with the teeth? :icon_eek:

Somebody had to say it and I already have a nice handbasket waiting for me for the ride down.

Actually, some of the other comments maybe more on track - teeth problems or problems with his ears. If he was a late talker or currently has speech problems, he may actually find chewing painful due to the pressure in his ears. Did he ever have tubes?

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There is no easy way through this especially with dad having custody. In most states that offer services for kids that have development issues. This is such a case.

At 5 it may have to go through the school system, but someone should have the kid evaluated.

My oldest son has a mild case of CP, so I am pretty aware of all the different kinds of delays that are out there. This is not that uncommon. It has almost nothing to do with the size of his food. It is all upstairs. The only wild card would be if he only does this with mom. If dad is unaware of the problem it may be his way of showing displeasure with the situation.

However, if he is a "normal" five year old he should be able to communicate with you guys a little better than what it seems. He should be able to tell you that his teeth hurt, or his ears hurt, etc.

It is something more complicated than that. At two or even three, you have to deal with the communication issues, at five, that should be easy enough to solve.

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take a lesson from nature... just chew his food up and vomit it into his lil mouth.


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Put all of his food into a blender and tell him if he quits being retarded and starts chewing food, he can have it in its original form.


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How bout every time he doesn't chew you slap his stupid non-chewing face. He'll figure it out pretty quick.


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Cut the pieces into kid-sized portions, then eat one yourself, and count how many times you chew before you are comfortable enough to swallow.

Add 5 to that number.

Make him count (on his fingers) and show how many chews he is up to.

You'll teach him math and eating at once!
wow Zag, that's pretty good, I have a 2y old with a similar problem, no choking but he stuffs his face, not a counter yet


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he's 5 and doesnt chew? give him plastic dry cleaner bag to play spaceman with......


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Mrs. Hairygrundle is a speech therapist and deals with kids and eating/feeding problems all the time. Give me a day or so and I will get you some info...


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Thanks for the info / tips. He does do it with Dad. I'm going to look into the Dental issues because I know Dad doesn't really make him brush his teefs well and I can see how it could be a mental thing from previous pain.

I may have exaggerated a bit on the choking. Seriously in the past 7 or 8 months, it's happened probably about 10 times which is still too much. It's just annoying as hell and worrisome because the first time we really noticed we almost had to do the Heimlich. That was the only very serious one, so when he chokes a little it scares the shit out of my wife.

He does shovel food into his mouth at times and I think it's mostly being a smartass because half the time he's got that smartass little grin on his face like "look what I'm doing". But then I think if you're fucking choking you little shit, you wouldn't do that.