How Ghey New Jersey now has the IZOD Center


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New sign up at Izod Center

The newly renamed Izod Center at the Meadowlands Sports Complex got its new sign today.

But the 26-year-old structure's new name won't become official until Wednesday, at the Nets' season opener against the Chicago Bulls. Izod made a five-year sponsorship deal with the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority earlier this month, paying $1.4 million a year for the arena naming rights.


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So when is polo shirt and sweater around the shoulder night? How about "boca casual" night?


Impossible to walk in this muck.
Hahaha, fuck you NJSEA redcoats, Prudential Center is amazing.
Where is Zoffinger now? He said no one would use mass transit, NJ Transit reported about 5,000 extra passengers for the Devils and Jovi.


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I'm just surprised that the Nets boss was able to sell the naming rights for what will probably be a short NBA-only stay in the building.

It goes without saying that the lack of rail doomed the Meadowlands from the get-go for anything other than football and concerts (which people like to tailgate for). And now with the jets and giants sharing in the new stadium, the rail connection will finally come - 35 or so years later, and too late for hockey or basketball.

Whether or not, you like the meadowlands, it has been very successful over the years - except for the one HUGE and unforgivable point of a lack of a rail connection from the main lines.

That alone probably one of the worst decisions in NJ history, even worse when you consider the obscene amount of money spent for Secaucus Junction, which remains severely underused to say the least.


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And because of an unfavorable lease with the New Jersey Devils, the panel found that the team's departure for Newark actually "creates an immediate positive swing of over $5 million annually to the (Izod Center)'s operating budget." The increased availability of weekend dates also creates "opportunities for a more diverse mix of events with superior [profit] margins," the report found.


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Honestly, the profit margin is probably higher with stuff like concerts/disney/random things.

And, since Jay-Z owns the nets, this has to be the Izzo center.