How much tv you watch.

Ha...this is great....

I know a guy...who added up all the shows he watched at work and it was seasons of complete shows and it was some ridiculous amount of time...and then he go switched to salary from hourly so who wants to hang at work and watch tv for nothing...

The Wire,
Veronica Mars,
Amazing Race,
Curb Your Enthusiasm...
26 days
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I worked from home for 3 years, I could have gone on longer.


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Odd that Rosanne doesn't show up as a show...that's actually fucking funny....because I threw obscure shows at it too and they showed up.
I can't even remember all the shit I used to watch before just going with my old favorites on Netflix and Hulu - Got to 160 days and 7 hours and then I totally brainfarted on anything else.
I do watch a lot TV just because of Netflix I have a lot favourite shows there, but now I used to watch very less


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All your base are belong to us, but now I used to watch very less

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I watch a shitload of TV because when I'm oncall for work it's about all I can do...

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Mostly poddycasts but I will watch LivePD as holy fuck people are stooopid.