How not to run a rolling meth lab


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(WMC-TV) - Just after 3 a.m. early Friday morning, Memphis police doing a routine traffic stop picked up more than just a road violation.
Patrol officers stopped a two door Ford truck for driving with antique issued license plates. Those types of plates only allow you to drive the vehicle on weekends and special occasions.
After making the stop, police discovered that the 43-year-old driver had his license suspended and that he was on probation for manufacturing of meth.
MPD then did a primary search of the vehicle and discovered what police refer to as a "Shake N Bake" plastic bottle, which is commonly used in rolling meth labs.
The suspect was immediatley placed into custody and was put in the back of a squad car as the officers began the search on the inside of the truck. After looking in the cab, undercover officers discovered a second "Shake N Bake" and other ingredients for meth inside under the seat.
The suspect will be charged with driving with a suspended license and other traffic violations and charges for manufacturing of meth are pending.