How To Become An Opie & Anthony Intern


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Step 1: Make sure your college/university allows credit for internships.

Step 2: Fill out this form on the website.

Step 3: Get a reply.

Step 4: Interview with Erik, Danny and Travis

Step 5: Learn production, phone screening and the restaurants of New York City.


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Step 8: buy a good quality athletic cup


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Step 9: be at very least, mildly retarded

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Step 10: Have some production experience.


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Step 11: Be either rich or retarded with an acceptance of or obliviousness to being mocked for a minimum of five hours a week.

Step 12: Previously own or purchase an athletic supporter.


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#14 Just hang in there and get a college credit in a field that is dying faster than my 88 year old grandfather!

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Step 17: Have an aptitude for maps and directions. Helpful when the show hosts and staff need you to travel and purchase the latest video game/movie.

Motor Head

Step 18: Be prepared to have your lack of sexual knowledge and experience exploited at every turn.


Step 20: Be prepared to have your girlfriend 'stolen' from you, if she is hot.

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Step 21: Be prepared for a Wackbag thread about interns by troll SOS with yellow font.


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#23: Be able to do more pushups than Opie.

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Step 24: When Jimmy says Anthony wants to say Hi to you in studio, he's absolutely telling the truth.


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Step 25: When in the studio with pr0n stars, expect to have your ..... oh yeah, that doesn't happen anymore.

Step 26: Prepare to be forced to do battle with the other interns and glorified interns (YES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU SAM ROBERTS), in the tradition of the gladiators, for your very existence on this job. If you refuse, you will probably be asked to leave.