How to Make it in America

Anyone watching this? Not a great show, but I enjoy watching it & I didn't see any other threads about it.

Basic premise is 2 'broke' guys trying to make it as clothing designers in NYC. Luis Guzman is really one of the best parts of the show, he is the cousin of one of the main characters, kind of like a neighborhood thug who falls into owning an energy drink company & is trying to go 'straight'

Even if you don't have any interest check out last weeks episode if only for the fact that Lake Bell goes topless and has 2 of the most perfect breasts these eyes have ever seen.


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I actually started watching the show on HBO GO a couple months ago. I enjoyed it and still like it. It isn't great by any means, but I enjoy watching it so I will keep with it. Lake Bell has GREAT tits!


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Haven't seen her titties yet, I'm assuming that was on this past Sundees episode?

Anyway I like this show even though nothing ever really happens. It also has the best theme song on TV.
This is one of those shows I record and watch marathon style every so often.

My god this thing is boring. I don't know why I watch... It took over the 30 minute hole I had for mindless TV that Entourage left behind.


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I saw the ads for it but never gave it a chance. Too many Spanish-looking people.


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Is it really Entourage NY if the characters are all broke and unsuccessful?


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I got too annoyed with the promos to think I could even tolerate the show


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Personally I don't find Lake Bell hot but that is one glorious set of tits on her. Holy shit....


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I just got an e-mail from HBO about a survey. It started out very general but the focus became all about How to Make it in America. Probably getting feedback to determine if there will be a season 3, here's the link

not sure if anyone can do it or only if you were e-mailed it but worth a shot if you like the show.
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