How to Make Perfect McDonald’s-style French Fries at Home


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How to Make Perfect McDonald’s-style French Fries at Home
By Sarah B. Weir | Shine – Wed, Apr 25, 2012 12:23 PM EDT

Perfect homemade friesYahoo! Editors have selected this article as a favorite of 2012. It first appeared on Yahoo! Shine on April 25, and became one of the most popular articles of the year. It's a classic recipe that can be revisited again and again.

Even food snobs who shun McDonald's have to admit that they serve the mother of all French fries. Ray Kroc, one of the chain's founders wrote in his autobiography that the fry was "almost sacrosanct for me. Its preparation a ritual to be followed religiously." The end result is a crispy golden-brown baton showered with just the right amount of salt. The exterior's initial crunch yields to a tender and steaming white center. More, please?

"They are consistent," says David Myers, chef/owner of Comme Ca in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. "I can't imagine how many millions of dollars in research and development they have spent in order to achieve a perfect fry around the world." Myers is no stranger to fried potatoes. His restaurants, which serve classic French brasserie fare, cook hundreds of orders of "pommes frites" (French-fried potatoes) a week.

McDonald's French fries are shipped to outlets frozen. "We do all of ours fresh everyday," says Myers who uses the same recipe at his restaurants and at home. Myers also uses the best Idaho russet potatoes, French sea salt, and super fresh cooking oil.

He says the key to making a perfect, consistent, McDonald's-style fry is in the advance preparation. The cut potatoes need to be soaked for at least two hours before cooking which pulls out excess starch and ensures the crispiest product. Also, Myers recommends that, "you have plenty of paper towels, a lined sheet pan, and have your oil ready to go."

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The beauty of Myers' two-step cooking method is that you can cook your fries ahead of a dinner party and keep them in the fridge until you are ready to finish in hot oil just before serving. This way you get the most delicious, sizzling, salty, golden-brown fries every time.

Perfect French Fries (adapted from David Myers's recipe for "pommes frites")


6 Idaho russet potatoes
Peanut oil
Sea salt (Myers prefers Sel Gris, a fine light grey French salt)


Peel and square off potato ends. Cut into 3/8" batons. Soak for two hours changing water after an hour. Dry thoroughly with paper towels. Heat about an inch of oil (or enough to cover potatoes) in a large, heavy bottomed pot to 290 degrees. Blanch potatoes gently for about two minutes until cooked through but still completely pale. Place on a paper-towel lined sheet pan and cool in the refrigerator to stop cooking process.

Re-heat oil to 370 degrees. Cook fries until golden and crispy, about 3 to 4 minutes. If necessary, agitate gently with a spatula to prevent sticking. Remove from pan and toss with salt to taste (Myers doesn't blot but you can if you want less fat). Serve immediately. Recipe serves 4 to 6.’s-style-french-fries-at-home.html

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Or you could just go to McDonalds and get some


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Surprisingly they're not as cheap as they used to be. With Mcdonalds reputation you think you could go grab a pile of grease sticks for a buck something. More like 3.


Most fries are pretty decent
I'm not that picky about them

Potatoes and salt ?
I'm good
Ketchup on the side ?


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Haven't been to a Mickey D's in years.

Most fries are fine by me.

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Yes, most fries are good (grease and tatters, hard to go wrong), but McD's fries are........ a cut above {removes sun glasses} YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH....
There is a big difference. I fucking love McDonald's fries. Anything else is just a fried potato.
I read somewhere they put sugar on them for the brown color, otherwise they cook them so fast they would stay white.


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Surprisingly they're not as cheap as they used to be. With Mcdonalds reputation you think you could go grab a pile of grease sticks for a buck something. More like 3.
they have to make up for selling double cheeseburgers and all sizes of drinks for a buck

not that it costs anywhere close to that to make but the profit loss it becomes


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Got a Chic-Fil-A waffle fry recipe?

Also, Arby's sells frozen curly fries at the grocery store. They taste nearly identical, albeit a bit more greasy.


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I read somewhere they put sugar on them for the brown color, otherwise they cook them so fast they would stay white.
Yep, powdered sugar. They changed from beef tallow and other meat based frying stuff and to vegetable and seed oils. You don't put a little sugar on fries cooked like that and they'll turn out white.

Edit: Mickey D's lied in the 1980s about going vegetarian. They used the beef tallow for another 20 years world wide until 2002 or 2003 I think. Could you think of a country that would piss off?
India! Every tasty, golden delicious tater-stick was a mouthful of blasphemy.


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McDonalds and every other fast food chain put sugar in everything possible. Fries, buns, you name it. That being said, I have never craved McD's fries enough to make them myself. Now Checkers (Rally's I think for you non eastern folk) seasoned fries, Im in.

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Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do with my time: refrigerate french fries.


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I hate french fries... I always go with onion rings when given an option.


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Gravy fries/poutine at the bar. McDonald's Who, bitch? Never heard of 'em.

Fast food wise, gotta be the Hardee's Curl-E-Qs.


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This thread inspired me...

So, I decided to fire up the turkey fryer once more before I pack it away and made a big batch of fries. They are fucking amazing. Because I had already used the oil to fry two turkeys creole-style, there was a shitload of seasoning and stuff in the oil.


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Fries from a BBQ joint are my favorite. Doesn't matter which one. they all use the same frozen fries here, but they are always cooked just right regardless of where you get them.