How To Scam Del Taco And Go To Jail


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March 19, 2008

How to Scam Del Taco and Go To Jail

Photo by ArtBrom via Flickr
Stealing $15 of Del Taco food for you and your buddies can land you a maximum of seven years in prison. That's what two accomplices are up against in a case where three men filmed themselves tricking Del Taco employees over the phone to give them a free meal and then posting it on YouTube. The video's "star," Robert Echeverria, who Rialto police said is a known gang member and was "crying like a baby" at the station before making a plea bargain to serve 30 days in jail with three years of probation.
"How To Scam Del Taco" was posted on YouTube (embedded below) on February 22nd (it has over 20,000 views so far) and after a tip to police, the three were soon in custody. The two boys posted bail, but Echeverria remained as he could not produce enough money to follow suit.
For prosecutors, this is a slam dunk case and say they've never had anything so ready to go. Echeverria was scheduled to be in court yesterday. The three say they were just fooling around and never intended this to be blown out of "proportion." Stealing is stealing, isn't it? Video after the jump.
"How To Scam Del Taco" -- Nikel'n Dime Productions



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