How Was Patton Oswalt on the Show Today?


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Thank you in advance for your response. :)

I have heard him interviewed on other shows, and have always enjoyed him.


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If you are available to listen to the replay do it. Great show today.


i realy liked him.....he was great in" Big Fan"....


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Haven't heard today's show yet, but he did great on his first appearance, so I'm excited to hear today's show.


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He might do the show again this week because hes in NY all week and he was invited to come on again. Nick Swardson was alright.

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So, tomorrow? We're out of days. Listening now - loving the show. Patton is great.

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Just finished the show. Fucking awesome. I hope he becomes a more regular friend of the show, he fit in perfectly.


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he was great. I hope he comes back in with Kevin Smith during Comic Con.

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I was kind of luke-warm on Patton before today based on some of the cunty political stuff I've heard him say but he pretty much won me over with this appearance. I liked his input on Jimmy's movie idea. Hope he comes back soon.

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If I had the money I would be the insane billionaire behind that movie idea.


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Love Patton's comedy, but didn't expect to him work as well on the show as he did. I hope he comes back on more often.

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Anyone have a date on his first appearance mentioned earlier in the topic? I thought this was his maiden voyage. I'll be saving a copy of this show. I can't get over how great he was. Swardson was alright, too. His Fagbot 2000 comment had me laughing, and I appreciated that he didn't attempt to add anything else to Jimmy's movie idea after his first one kind of bombed.


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He's great when he doesn't break out his smug lib coddling he does in his stand-up, where he goes for Daily-Show-Screamer screams of approval. And he hasn't done that yet on the show. Which is kind of surprising considering Anthony's sitting right there.

He's 2-for-2 and both were great. I haven't bothered giving his stand-up a chance for about 6 years, but maybe I'll start.


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Patton was great. Really fucking funny.

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Love Patton's comedy, but didn't expect to him work as well on the show as he did. I hope he comes back on more often.
Funny guy vs funny act. Patton my be a liberal "alternative" comic but hes a funny guy and can mix with most groups of comedians.