How will The Sopranos Finally End?


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How will The Sopranos Finally End?

:hamm: ::hammer::siren :angel: :jail2: :idontknow :shoot3: :AR15firin


How will The Sopranos Finally End?

:hamm: ::hammer::siren :angel: :jail2: :idontknow :shoot3: :AR15firin
with the screen going black and the credits rolling... DUH
Apparently Paulie and Silvio work Carmela's spec house where they engage in Three Stooges-esque antics. One of those activist liberal judges wacks someone in the head with a gavel. The cops come. Someone becomes an angel. Another person goes in jail. AJ frets. And then there's a gun battle with a pistol and a machine gun. (I assume Phil and Tony.)

There's plenty of awesome theories in the Sopranos Thread. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow. But the gist is, I too would like the finale to just go off the wall non-sensical.


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With one of Bobby's orphaned kids shitting in the shower at school.

And that's the end of our show, donk!



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The last episode is called "Made in America".

Made in America = Nuke

They've been going on and on with this terrorist subplot and I think it will come to a head in the finale. In the second to last episode AJ and Rhiannon where reading an article on the web about nuclear material entering the US through Mexico.

Paulie kills Tony. New York crew gets nuked. That's my prediction.
Johnny Cakes comes back and kills Phil and Tony...Takes over both families.
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Paulie shoots Tony for the good of the crew. No one is in danger with Tony gone, so Paulie saves everyone's lives.

Medow gets fucked on film by 12 drunk frat boys.


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I think we will see Tony get killed and A.J. will take revenge and take over the family.

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I have it on good authority that Tony eats himself to death and Meadow star's in Slap Happy videos. Beyond that I have no idea.


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I heard the ghost of big pussy comes back. Buries Tony up to his neck in sand, and the show ends with Tony screaming "I can hold my breath for a long time!!!!"


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Tony ends the whole war by telling Phil..."I was only jokin'."


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I heard the ghost of big pussy comes back. Buries Tony up to his neck in sand, and the show ends with Tony screaming "I can hold my breath for a long time!!!!"

I'd like to see Meadow get the Bijou Phillips-Havoc treatment with 3 greasy mexican gangbangers.

In reality, it's probably going to be a wet fart. Tony got shot already, and floundered around the floor for 5 minutes, then went comatose for 2 episodes, they're not going to kill him in less than the time that's left for the series, unless something happens to him that leaves NO DOUBT that he's dead, like...getting vaporized by a nuke, or getting a shotgun blast to the face.

Even still, 2 minutes after it happens, there's going to be message board assholes posting "TON'YS ALIVE N I HAVE PR00F! lULZ!"

I just don't see there being enough time left to give any real closure to anything.


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With another one of MLChris' awful call ins the following day.


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at the end of the last episode one of the guys is ordering "pizza"...i'm thinking thats the signal for NY to find out where Tony is...Pauly wises up to this and sneaks Tony out, but the rest of the crew is killed. Tony & Pauly go balls to the wall & kill Phil...they hen realize that even though they kill Phil, there's always another successor & it won't be someone from NJ...Tony & Pauly split up and take end the show on the but that is what i think is going to happen....forget the muslims...the only purpose for that was so that Tony giving the info to agent Harris made Harris wanna tell tony about the hit ordered on him...terrorism plot is over


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phil leotardo gets hit, silvio dies in a coma in tony's fat arms

i dont think tony will die, but i do expect a family member to get hurt

i wouldnt be suprised if it ended with some sort of faggoty ass barbeque in somebody's backyard, and the guys are shooting the shit as usual, and it zooms out and roll credits