How would you spend $2million in 18 months?


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Let's say you knew you would be inheriting over a million $ and then found it was actually closer to $7 million. The attorney informs you that taxes will take over half unless the trust is reduced by $1.86 million in 18 months and you're about to be given control of the trust. How would you reduce the trust by nearly $2 million in 18 months with no gain in assets and legitimately show where that money went?

The other thing is there are three children that were only left $100,000 each and your wife insists they deserve far more of the estate due to her not even being related except as a step grandchild. Should they be including in the gifting or in the final trust after it's transferred? In the end you would still collect twice what any of them would. Also the other three are self centered arrogant assholes who can't manage money for shit and enjoy their amphetamines, liquor, and gambling. When given money in the past they've promptly blew it and came begging for more while you've squirrelled away everything you've been given into trusts for your children.


Shouldn't be that hard. Hire giant yachts to sail you and 50 of your closest friends around the Caribbean, just burning money doing whatever. Then give a bunch to charity.


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Scratch off lottery tickets.


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First off....does the person inheriting this money have a screen name that rhymes with BetalMender?

Spending over $100,000 a month for a year and a half would not be that hard.

One word: extravagance

I'd burn through a pile of cash over the course of the next month flying to every possible NBA playoff game. Then some sort of over the top family vacation lasting the entire summer. Always wanted a giant trebuchet that would launch flaming cows into a lake. Hiring Dusty Rhodes to be the face of a political smear campaign in some tiny midwestern town's mayoral race would eat up a lot of cash. Pulling a Leeeeeeeroyyyyyyyyyyy Jennnnnnkins on Amy's Baking Company would probably carry some worthwhile and hefty civil/criminal fines.

So many options.

Curious question: Is one of the three other kids a pot smoking, hog-buyer in his late-30s named Jamie?


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I would reenact the battle of Appomattox with chimps using all historically accurate uniforms, weaponry and live ammunition.

It would be worth every penny.


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Invest in Paul O's next film.


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One word, my friend: Duck calls.


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I believe 1 week at disney world would do it.

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One point five million will get you a pretty sweet sailboat charter.

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I'd donate $500,000 to my local SPCA then I'd probably go shopping at Whole Foods for dinner. That's a pretty quick and easy to spend $2 million.


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Burn a pile of money in front of the Shit bag no inheritance getting families.

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Every single video game system and game ever made ever


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Or invest in researching a vaccine resistant strain of polio.

That sounds like a worthy cause.

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I'd call former NFL and NBA players and ask them for advice on how to piss away millions of dollars with the quickness

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I'd get the money converted into cash, fashion it into a giant humanoid shape, put Nicolas Cage inside of it, then light it on fire.

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You could always hire me to test drive your new Ferrari 599 GTO for 18 months. As luck has it, I charge exactly US$103.333/month.