Howard;alive and well on 102.7


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Yes you prick, HOO HOO HOO. Thanks for your new station WJSE 102.7 here.. And so many thanks I cant listen to O and A now! You are a real prick. He is one evil bastard.



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I think somebody might be promoting something. Hint, Hint!! God damn it!!!!!! :mad: :mad:

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thats f'n cheesy...i was so dumb i couldnt figure out what the hell he was talkin about!


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Shameless plug lol I really like that board tho. You dont have to sign up for it and their is plenty of room for all our posts. THATS BECAUSE THEIR ISNT ANYONE ELSE POSTING

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I know that I can't listen out on the Island anymore 'cause of a fucking station called "digital 102.7" It's advertised as a fucking "alternative" station. That's what the shitwads call it anyway. Last time I checked, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were almost "classic rock". Lame assfucks. They should choke on red, fleshy, monkey ass meat...

there...I'm done. :D

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How far out on the island do you guys live? I live in Oceanside and I get WNEW clear as day. I am guessing it's further out on the island. When does it change? For instance what exit on the SS parkway does it begin to shift to "Digital 102.7". This is my first time hearing of this shit. In the words of Bro Joe's bro: "That shit blows monkey ass." ;)


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Yo Why don't you go to a stern message board you tool.


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I think since the gag lift OnA can talk about Howie and that just pisses some people off doesn't it?