HS kid suspeded for tricking rival school


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Oct 4, 2004

High school student suspended for tricking rival fans into insulting themselves

HILLIARD, Ohio - A high school student who tricked football fans from a crosstown rival into holding up signs that together spelled out, "We Suck," was suspended for the prank, students said.

Kyle Garchar, a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School in suburban Columbus, said he spent about 20 hours over three days plotting the trick, which was captured on video and posted on the video-sharing Web site YouTube. He said he was inspired by a similar prank pulled by Yale students in 2004, when Harvard fans were duped into holding up cards with the same message.

At the end of the video, Garchar wryly thanks the 800 Hilliard Darby High School supporters who raised the cards at the start of the third quarter during last Friday's football game.

"It couldn't have been done without you," reads the closing frame of the video.

Garchar, 17, created a grid to plan how the message would be spelled out once fans in three sections held up either a black or white piece of construction paper.

Directions left on stadium seats instructed fans to check that the number listed on their papers matched their seat numbers. Darby supporters were told the message would read "Go Darby."

"It was tedious," Garchar said. "I didn't really think it was going to work."

But it did, and everyone at Davidson has been talking it ever since, said Jordan Moore, a junior.

"That was the ultimate in-your-face," he said. "I think it was ingenious."

Davidson Principal John Bandow had told students that he expected them to show sportsmanship at the game, which Darby won 21-10.

Bandow gave Garchar three days of in-school suspension and banned him from extracurricular activities for a semester, the students said. Two Darby students who helped Garchar received the same punishment after the principals from both schools spoke by phone.

Hilliard schools spokeswoman Michelle Wray said she couldn't confirm the punishment because the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act forbids the release of student disciplinary information.

"We weren't expecting it to be such a severe punishment," said Jen Trimmer, 17, one of the students involved. "We just thought it was all in good fun."
Some people don't have a sense of humor, the kid should try to trick the principal next chance he gets.

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Jun 2, 2005
I hope this kid goes to Columbine and performs an encore

His principal should have laughed and gave him a pat on the back for putting their school on the map as the school who had a student smart enough to dupe an entire fucking town. Scholarship anyone?


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Apr 29, 2007
How is that worthy of a suspension? What did he do that broke any rules?


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Dec 1, 2002
Two Darby students who helped Garchar received the same punishment after the principals from both schools spoke by phone.



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Mar 30, 2005

I'm a school board member and I can see the need for some sort of punishment. Non-school sponsored fun, no matter how awesome, just isn't allowed these days. It stinks and I don't like it but that's just how it is. Three days of in school suspension and a semester long ban from extracurricular activities seems excessive though.

Kyle Garchar will forget about his punishment soon enough. A small price to pay for eternal hero status.


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Apr 26, 2005
Drugs, guns, teenage pregnancy, violence, falling ACT scores, but we got the bad kid now!
May 7, 2003
Hahah that's pretty funny...Good for him..Fuck the school


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Mar 23, 2005
Sad enough that the rival team, won.
I didn't read where it was done before, so he loses out on creativity. I think the suspension should have been enough.

*of course we all know by now what a suspension can lead to* ;)


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Jan 13, 2005
The two principals spoke with each other over the phone? What a bunch of faggots. It was funny and harmless, why would it warrant even a phone call. It's not like that Brady Bunch episode when Greg kidnapped the rival school's goat mascot and allowed his father to sodomize it.


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Apr 23, 2006
How is that worthy of a suspension? What did he do that broke any rules?
This is 2007. You don't have to break any RULES. You just have to not be nice to someone. :icon_roll