HTN: Babysitter Guilty Of Sex With Underaged Boys, Avoids Jail Time


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She's really, really sorry, and said it "will never happen again."

A Connecticut babysitter who was charged with having sex with two underage boys two years ago will not serve time in jail.

Loni Bouchard, 22, was sentenced Thursday to a three-year suspended prison sentence, and two years' probation, according to The Hartford Courant. She is not allowed to have contact with either victim.

Judge David P. Gold told the court that he was "impressed by what appears to me a greater level of maturity" in Bouchard, noting that office of probation and one of the victim's families supported a no-jail sentence.

Bouchard, who pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment, said that she was "really sorry to the victim and their families" and vowed that it would "never happen again." She originally faced four counts of second-degree sexual assault, and other related charges, but those were reduced in June.

In 2011, Bouchard, then 19, was arrested after the mother of a 14-year-old boy she had been hired to watch learned that the babysitter was having a relationship with her son and went to police. Under investigation, Bouchard admitted to having previously had a relationship with another 14-year-old Connecticut boy.

Bouchard's attorney later argued that her crimes stemmed from "immaturity" and opportunity, rather than "sociopathic or antisocial behavior.”

According to warrants obtained by The Hartford Courant, Bouchard had written in her journal that she was in love with the boy and that the law shouldn't tell her whom to date.

According to the Shoreline Times, Bouchard's mother pleaded guilty to risk of injury for allowing the relationship between the victim and her daughter to progress, and providing alcohol and marijuana. She received two years' probation.

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
19 and 14? Fucking kidding me? Bunch of prudes.

And who gets a 19 year old to babysit your teen?

Sounds like Dad was a good egg.

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
My first traipse through the hair garden was with a 13 year old when I was 16. First serious girlfriend was 16 when I was 19. 14 to 19 isn't a crime. Just isn't.
Maine has that 4 year thing... so if you are 18 and your GF is 14 you are good to go...
That's hilarious because OF COURSE if you reversed the genders you are going to OZ...Could you ever see a judge stating that a 19 year old man shows a level of maturity that shows he's sorry for banging 2 14 year old girls...I wonder how pissed the 14 year old was..."Mom, don't fuck this up for me...she's way hotter than "Buzz"


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She's welcome to assault me with her pussy.
She has nothing to apologize for.
I voted yes to guilty...but only because I agree...she is 'guilty'...but I also agree with the punishment


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i would have punched my mother in the cunt if she ruined that for me.


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It's a crime that the kid's mother cock blocked him.


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She looks like a filthy girl who just wants to fuck. I dig it.
I wonder how she feels about a more experienced gentleman of taste and leisure?


Well if you do a GIS of her name some "interesting" picts come up...

I did
She's like the Cool , slightly perverted older girl on the street
That liked to show the boys what was what

I got no problem with her

We need more of her ilk

Not Guilty


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Well if you do a GIS of her name some "interesting" picts come up...
Any nudes? I found the ones of her letting young boys feel her up, but wasn't sure if there's more.

Like someone said, imagine if there were pics of a 19 year old male letting younger girls grab him.
Ya those were the picts I was talking about... was a little hesitant to post those...