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HTN: Women's Volleyball Hazing at Opie's Alma Mater

Feb 5, 2003
With a stranger

Eight women’s volleyball players from Faber College State University of New York at Geneseo (Long Island) were arrested following an investigation by police connected to a hazing incident. It seems that these delicate lasses, allegedly, handcuffed and blindfolded several freshman teammates and forced them to drink vodka shots.
All fun in games until one of the girls gets alcohol poisoning and is rushed to the hospital.
Oh, and the school has suspended the women’s volleyball season.
Where these players really blew it was neglecting to notice that one of the freshmen they were hazing was 17, while they were all 19 or older — and that opens the door for child endangerment charges. Not only bad at hazing, but terrible at math. Also:
One of the 18-year-olds passed out on a lawn after leaving the party and was helped by passers-by when her teammates left her behind to go to a bar, she said in her statement to police.


Best muppet ever
Nov 19, 2004
Geneseo is NOT on Long Island. It's about as far away from Long Island as you can be while still being in NY. Lazy NBC writer.

As for the story...that's fucked up.
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