HTN: Yup, another teacher. Guilty or not?


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Brazosport ISD teacher charged with having sexual relationship with student
by Malin Basu / KHOU 11 News & staff
HOUSTON -- A 25-year-old Brazosport ISD teacher found herself out of a job and in jail after she allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with one of her students.

Nikki Scherwitz was charged with sexual assault of a child and improper relationship with a student. She was a 10th grade English teacher at Brazosport High School for about nine months.

Officials said the boy is 16 years old and in 10th grade.

Freeport police said the sexual relationship had been going on for weeks.

They were tipped off by this after Scherwitz allegedly showed up to an after-prom party on April 20 at a student’s house.

“She was wearing no shoes when she showed up…like a cut up, cut off shirt and everything,” said one student.

"I believe one of the students told her it wasn't right for her to be there and asked her to leave, said Lt. Raymond Garivey with the Freeport Police Department. “We have information that she was consuming alcohol."

BISD officials launched an investigation after they received a report of misconduct on April 22 involving Scherwitz. She resigned the same day she was approached about the matter, before the investigation was complete.

The case was then handed over to the Freeport Police Department who moved forward with filing charges.

Scherwitz is currently out on a $50,000 bond.

Scherwitz and her husband had separated before the relationship with the teen began. Police said the couple’s son is staying with his father.



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Definitely not guilty.

God damn kids are fucking spoiled these days. At least this time it sounds like the student kept his mouth shut.


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NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!


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She is a rough 25. And not very bright if she is showing up at a high school kids party loaded and half naked.


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Not guilty. And who was the buttinsky at the party telling her it was inappropriate to be there?


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