Huge events and the public. Help vs Hindrance


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So on the wake of the Boston bombs and recalling past events like manhunts, and plane crashes. I figured since we are all glued to the tv, laptop,computer,phone.. why not discuss the publics role in these events. And, if you want, the media.

Does the public get in the way more than they help. In Boston, the internet and public photos were very helpful In the investigation, it seems. But afte the bombs went off should everyone be rushing to the scene?

The media loves to get close and loves to throw shit out, talk to everyone they can who heard what happened even if they didn't see anything.

Ahh. On my phone. Hit post before I was done. Was going to make a poll but didn't know how from tapatalk.

So do people get in the way more than help?

Does the media get in the way?

What say you geniuses?

Edit: I know the public is immeasurable to Investigations. Most, if not all, things are solved with tips. What someone saw/ heard, no matter how small can help immensely. So getting involved and offering information is a given and much needed part the public plays.

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No help was needed. Just wait for them to rob a 7-11 because they had zero planning skills.


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The public is mostly morons, so they're a hindrance.
When a huge event happens, I think if you're qualified individual who can help then by all means rush to the scene. Otherwise, don't try to be hero.

When it comes to the investigation, I think the public and the media can be a help and a hindrance.


The media are cunts, and so are some of the attention whores involved in these events.


PR representative for Drunk Whiskeyguy.
The media are cunts, and so are some of the attention whores involved in these events.
Yeah, pretty much anyone who is still holding a camera more than 2 minutes after an event.


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The worst are the excessive shakey shots. BUY A STEADYCAM YOU CUNTS.
Or find a rest. I also hate people who are talking about how big of a Youtube video it's going to be while they're recording.


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The public's help is great after the fact. Surveillance photos
go a long way to identifying the criminals and someone out
there knows who the fuck they're looking for.

The media, well aside from showing said photos are scum
They don't give a fuck about the victims, only ratings.


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Supposedly it was a tip from a 911 call from the owner of the boat after seeing the cover askew. Plus the photos being released was the identifying moment after the FBI went cold.


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Seems like the best footage of the suspects came from surveillance cameras, at least based on the images they keep showing on the news. Public is not necessary. Heck, we could just forget about all video footage and just arrest the nearest Muslim. Saves a lot of time and police resources.


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There's no denying that Alex Trebeck could have brought an end to this a lot quicker. He's a real life super hero. His parents are dead aren't they?


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the media are cunts and think there shit doesn't stink. the police rely on the public's help every day i get a little pissed off about that actually, there is a definite void opening between the police and the public, i blame some of the draconian laws and ordinances that have been imposed on the public, therefor burdening the police with having to be the "bad guys" i know a lot of cops and i do understand the "blue line" but i think over the last 10 years the "us vs them" attitude its getting worse and worse, i was raised to believe that the police were the "good guys" yet some shit ive seen lately has started to turn me a tad.
it kind of falls under the blade runner line of "if your not cops, your little people" i really think its a real power trip that was started post 9/11