Huge F U to my father


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Fuck you to my father for banging my mom and creating me!!!!! I'm sickened just thinking that I'm related to you. Thanks for being a prick and making everyone miserable and making me the physco that I am. Thanks for nothing. I would have prefered being an abortion compared to this phony fuckin life. I hope I don't scare any of the other board members but I'm pretty pissed.


Is alive.
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Your screen name suits you then.


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Hey scumbag vent all you want... but dont call yourself a abortion...that is what i call my ex boyfriend he is the waste of life
so please chin up..dont let things get to you...I know that family members can drive you out of your mind..but hopefully things will change...and no you are not scaring us
Sorry, that was me! I'm the one that hates my parents! But I'm glad to be here! :D :D