Hugo Is Large


a complete moron that posts


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
HA! remember that when your cruzeing down the highway after slamming that thing, it makes my bladder hurt just thinking about it

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That's nice. I'll just continue getting my 44 ounce soda cup from 7-11 fro 99 cents
I think the "Super Size" is now a Large.
I don't go often, but here they now ask you if you'd like to make that a large for 39 cents more.

410 is a decent chunk of calories. Get a diet you slob.


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I get the 44oz cups at Wawa all the time. Large soda cups isnt exactly ground breaking.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
at least the wawa ones fit in a cup holder, micky d is going to get sued again, when some shwoog plows into a crowd of kids with that thing in his hand, cuz you know dat ding dont fit yo i hads to hold it while i was driving with my seat so far back and reclined that i couldnt see over dash board and thew the illegal windshield tint