Hugo- Martin Scorcese 3D Kids Movie- November 23


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job

I will probably see this one.


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
I'll repost what I wrote in the Last Movie thread.

To the best of my knowledge, it's unlike anything Scorsese has ever done before and feels more like a Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie than a Scorsese film. It's a visually astounding love letter to imagination, invention, and movies (particularly silent film). If Scorsese dies without making another movie, this might be the perfect swan song for him like Madadayo and Kurosawa. Not his best written/plotted movie, but I can't think of another movie of his that better captures his passion. Also, between Kick Ass, Let Me In, and this one, Chloe Moritz probably has a pretty strong career ahead of her. I definitely think kids, particularly creative ones who like working with their hands rather than computers, would get a lot out of it.

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It does look interesting. Steampunk family fun from Scorcese has to be at least worth a look. Still, seeing the ad for the first time in a break midway through watching Goodfellas didn't cast it in the best light for me. As silly as it sounds I kinda wish Scorcese would stop trying new things and rest on his laurels a bit more. I just want more movies about Pesci calling people stuttering pricks then getting brutally murdered all of a sudden.

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Wish I could writes as eloquently as Liddy... So I'll just say, wow that looks good.
Saw it last night in 3D. I had given up on the 3D gimmick but figured I had to see what Scorcese had done with it. It really was beautiful and came across as him creating a tribute to cinema and its ability to inspire and open up peoples' imagination. Also, Sacha Baron Cohen was fantastic and got a few big laughs from me.

I loved the fact that there wasn't any supernatural or magical element to the automaton. It just was what it was and did its job. It was almost like films and imagination were shown as being magical without actually being magical in a literal sense. I also loved the way that the side story about the woman with the dog and the man that was courting her played out like a silent movie within the film. Brilliant stuff.