Hurricane Dorian to Exterminate Life in Florida (or '2019 Hurricane Thread' if it misses us)


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That is not one to ride out but on an island where do you go?
Especially not the Bahamas. They're all low, flat islands.
At least in the south Pacific and Carribean they get some mountains to retreat to.


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as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
I live near Lake Huron so Hurricanes turn into Thunder Storms before they hit us.
We catch the remnants of most of the storms here, they often run up the Delaware bay, usually they just cause some minor flooding and blow some trees down fucking up the power for a few days.

One of the side effects of the tree hugging shit heads is that there are a lot of mature trees that really need to be cut down and people lose their minds when you do, and they are falling down and taking out the power lines.
We are also getting infested with the emerald ash borer, there are a lot of ash trees around here that are 50ish years old, which is about there life span
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I don't buy the Jamacian stuff. I can't afford that. Just saying it will suck for those that can
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So apparently both dedicated, hurricane-specialized forecast models (the HWRF and HMON) are now predicting a Florida landfall.



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I'm glad to be 1000 miles away from Hurricanes. I was in Miami after Hurricane Andrew hit. After dealing with those assholes I wished a nuke had hit that shit-hole instead.

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It's freeing and refreshing
The umbrellas are still standing. I can really appreciate a good beach umbrella setup.


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Did you say ice? I know just the man for the job.

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Don't tell me how good my coffee is. When I drink it I want to taste it. When Bonnie buys it she buys shit
I KNOW how good my coffee is. I'M the one who BUYS it!

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When is this thing supposed to hit Florida? Will it wait until morning so we can get good video?