Hurricane Michael is Coming! Grab Yer Mops!


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I'm surprised no one has made a thread for this yet.


It's supposed to rain in Florida
Might get a bit breezy also


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The storm has my name.

A sick part of me hopes it wrecks shop.

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I am in Evacuation Zone E, which means nothing is going to happen here. Flooding is the only concern here due to storm surge. They are calling for 4ft to 6ft storm surge at high tide. I am five miles in from the coast, so I don't have to worry. One of my coworkers lives in Zone A, but his house is elevated (kinda like LBI in NJ). Last time, the water only came up half way up his yard from the water's edge. He's not worried.


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
They are now forecasting a cat 4 at landfall

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I'm in northern Ohio. I hope I'll be okay. Pray for me..............


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Florence was supposed to be a cat 4 when it hit NC. It was barely a two (thankfully). Media hype, but also it seems like the faster moving storms don't weaken as fast as it comes onshore.


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So this becomes Trump's fault in 3,2,1....


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100 miles off shore and still a CAT 4.
Water's very warm so it probably won't blow out til the eye gets over land.