HVAC guys - need a heatpump-compatible thermostat

Sinn Fein

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I'm going to replace the crappy thermostats that were installed with our heat pumps. Any recommendations? I want something programmable and preferably, one that I can lock in the settings.
Get you a honeywell that is what I used to use when I did installs.

Sinn Fein

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I always thought they were good, but the onlly one I found online so far had less than stellar reviews. I am gonna keep looking I guess. Found some other brands that looked promising.


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Thats the stat i recommend as well.

D.H. Jenkins

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The VisionPro series is currently the most popular stat in the world, and is compatible with heat pumps, conventional systems, multi-stage systems, etc... It's being knocked off by more than a few companies, one of them being a company in China called "SoneyWell".

Of course, it does't really do anything extra - it just looks cool. Any old programmable heat-pump stat will do, just make sure that the batteries it uses are for memory back-up, not operation.