HzO Waterproofed Phones


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I want this shit on everything electronic!




I guarantee Apple hates this. They would literally lose millions of dollars because of this.


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Pretty cool. I want to know how it gets applied.


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I guarantee Apple hates this. They would literally lose millions of dollars because of this.
I wouldn't be so sure...


Could the next iPhone be waterproof? Apple and Samsung both 'talking to' spray-on proofing company

Both Apple and Samsung in talks, says company
Phones so waterproof they can take calls underwater
Last updated at 8:25 PM on 16th January 2012
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The HzO coating is applied to components inside the phone and seals them against damage
Both Apple and Samsung are reportedly interested in a new hi-tech spray that makes smartphones waterproof - and Apple could even include the coating in its upcoming iPhone 5, rumoured to be due this summer.
The new 'nanotech' spray coating is applied to the circuitry inside phones and lets you dunk phones entirely underwater, and still takes calls.
Up to a million phones are water-damaged every year worldwide.
Fifty-two per cent of UK smartphone users who have water-damaged their phones admit to having done so by dropping them down the toilet.
In demonstrations a working iPhone and Samsung Galaxy were dunked into a bowl of water - and were still working even below the surface.
'We showed the Samsung Chairman the technology with a Samsung Galaxy S that we had coated with HZO and he couldn't believe his eyes,' a company spokesman told tech website Pocket-Lint, 'Samsung is really excited by the tech.'

The company claims to be in talks with Apple about including the technology in iPhone 5.
'We expect HZO to be in next season's phones,' the spokesperson told Pocket-Lint.

The HzO coating is a mix of various substances that spray over electrical components and protect them from water damage - even inside the ports on electrical devices
'HzO uses a unique coating processes to shield almost anything from water and corrosion damage,' says the company.
'Unlike other water damage solutions, with HzO technology a device is not sealed, water is able to enter.

The hi-tech coating will be available 'pre-sprayed' on iPods and other Apple devices
'Instead, the electronic components inside the device are coated to provide protection, leaving the device unencumbered and always guarded against unexpected accidents.'
Even if Apple and Samsung don't sign up officially, part of the company, Zagg, is to incorporate the HZO coating into custom iPhones next year, and offer pre-treated phones for sale.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencet...ing-spray-proofing-company.html#ixzz1jmOWhEas


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Pretty cool, but I wonder if their product includes a $600 warranty for when it fails.


Yeah, Begbie and I discussed this thing already. I'm pretty surprised that they would do something like that. Maybe it'll be a higher price point (like "Waterproof iPhone 5" will be a higher level than just a regular one). Also, nobody mentions how long the treatment lasts. Is it permanent, or will it eventually wash away or wear off?

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You really think Apple isn't in on this? Seriously, what a fucking scam. Advertising a weakness that doesn't exist and then selling the solution through a dummy corporation. In fact all apple products are already perfectly resistant to water, you can throw one in a bucket of warm soapy water and it'll still work perfectly afterwards. Seriously, try it. Don't fall for their scams.