I am getting pissed


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GUESS AFFIE IS RIGHT WE ARE COWARDS. We did nothing to date.
While we are all angry and pissed off and want to see some blood, :mad: it's important to devise a plan of action. We need to get the bastards behind this. Of course we could level Afghanistan, bomb bin Laden's ass and kill a bunch of innocent people along the way. Remember Iraq? How many civilians died while that cockroach Saddam was laughing in his secret bunker? :( Let's not repeat our past mistakes but learn from them. Although considering the "genius" in charge I wouldn't count on any rationality on his part. W might see war as a way to boost his ratings. :eek:


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i just would like to send ten missle over there now and then see what they do


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Has anyone noticed how ugly the women are when they pull off their veils? No wonder they are jealous. ;) :p


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I am just completely stumped on this subject. At first I was filled with so much rage, but now after careful thinking on the subject, I can't say we just bomb them.

To quote Martin Sheen from tonight's West wing.

"There is nothing nobel about strapping a bomb to yourself, killing you and other innocent people. That is just pure, simple, dumbass, murder. Now on the otherhand, alot of people say I would die for my country, but would much rather live for it."

Something like that. It was a great line. The worst thing about bombing Afganistan is some of those people have their beliefs, and I can't shame or hate them for it. The only flaw in their belief is their brains are so clogged with their holy beliefs that they forget that we only stepped on their holy land to protect them. Although you will hear we were protecting oil. That is bullshit, America has been helping other countries for years. We have stuck our neck's out for the poor and the rich alike. I wouldn't call the middle eastern people rich, but their land is rich and if they were not robbed blind by their leaders, there would have been no need for us to step foot on their land. The truth is evil surrounds the middle east. It's one of the most deadly of sins. Greed. That's what has violated their land. They have their leaders to blame for that. Osama Bin Fuckface should be bombing his own leaders, such as Saddam Hussein who brought us to Saudi Arabia in the first place. We were only there to protect the people of Kuwait and to protect the world, who all quite frankly need that oil source to live. I am going on and on, I have probably made no sense with this rant. I was just trying to get my point across. The point being:

They have no one to blame but themselves. They need to look at the leaders they have chosen or allowed to take over, and realize the only power to resist is the ones they live amongst. Don't blame the U.S. for stepping on your holy land, blame the ones who brought us there!

Sorry Laddy's. Just a few opinions off the top of me head.

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There are reports of 3-5 man special ops teams searching caves and bunkers supported by helicopter in Afganistan.


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This is a book not a post lolol
Listen to Randy Newmans "Political Sceince"
It is this in a nutshell
We nuke all the countries, Not Australlia, we dont want to hurt no Kangaroo and they have surfing too. It will be a japaneese komona for you baby and Italian shoes for me. South America stole our name. BOOM They all hate us anyhow so lets drop the big one now. A lot af american families just don't talk. Something happens in their family and they sweep it under the rug. Forget about peace, They don't understand peace. NO NEGOATIONS, END OF STORY. Blow their country off the map. ( Are they on the map??) to all the protestors. Meeting at my house. tonight. be their their will be coffee and donuts and then I will slap some sence in ya. You want peace?????? go to ground zero and then tell me that. Damn you people that are so freaking passave. I will passafist through your mouth. When someone does me harm or at least tries I fight back I dont back down damn it. A 19 year old about twenty years ago mugged my mom. Oh my my sister said, Oh god no my father said. I got my good old fashond claw hammer and found the dude and clawed the hell out of him. When his friend tried to jump in he hurt my hand, yep, one of his teeth stuck in my fist. I am not tring to sound like a hard guy but right is right. You came into my house and did some damage now it is my turn mo f ers.We are tring to talk to these people. NO TALKS, we are looking for the ones who did this, THEY ALL THINk THE SAME.
The same people that want to rehad hardened criminals think talking is the answer. I will go and have a talk with them and I will wire myself with a ton of explosives. Boom the bad guys are gone.We are cowarding now. Who is afraid to fly??? Who wont live downtown NYC anymore. we are showing them they win. Stand up for yourself. I said on my site which has since been turned into a lets goof on Bin Ladin page The fight isnt their it is here. Not with Arab Americans but with the bad guys. (Oh I am sounding like Baretta now lol) The Flags are comming down now and life is going on like nothing happened. Dont worry pasifists If I see you getting robbed mugged ot beaten I will help ya.But a word of advise, if you turn the other cheek you might get kicked in your ass. watch out be carefull and lets get the bad guys now.
Sorry about the ranting but thats just who I am. I cant see us sitting on our hands anymore. We were called Pussies by the talaban. Lets Fuck them up big time and show em ewhat we are made of. You may think I am an asshole, a jerk or ebven a nut. well two out of three aint bad. I am as crazy as a fox.Some "Karate Kid" was beating up a girl so I stepped in to help and then he came at me. I didn't know Karate so his moves failed. I guess he didn;t know street fighting.
Thanks for letting me have my say.
We will win in the end.
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Today is the day. The attack we've all been waiting for has begun. We're out to kick some major Taliban ass. After this, the song should be changed to "the Taliban can't." Or cunt, as the British say. Heard bin Laden's demented speech on TV today. Bomb his ass off the face of the earth. The scumbag fanatic shouldn't even have been born. We'll make him pay. That's a fucking promise.