I am Leaving for A.C.


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I am going to A.C. to win some money (I hope) I am bringing three shirts just in case. Wish my wife and I luck............
Well I left last week for vacation. ^^ Right now I'm in North Carolina. I'll be back Tuesday, hopefully...


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Good luck Harry, stay away from the poker tables. :D
Well DH should have lost all his money, house, car and whatever else there by now!!! :)
LOL yeah right IOHN probably, but you might want to get ready to hit that edit button if he hit big. Might be hard to leach off your "new best friend" if he reads that you have such little faith in him. With that said I would like to go on record to say that I believe that DH and his beautiful wife most surely have struck it rich and probably own one of those casinios by now. Oh yeah, don't forget you good buddy here now that you are filthy rich. LOL
Yeah DH your gonna need somebody to work for you so howbout where do i get an application???
Well if anyone cared, I'm back from vacation. I had fun, passed around plenty of beef injections, enough to make Anthony proud of me... :D


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All went well I lost a bit then the wife wanted to go into the nickel slots I argued and argued so we went in their and we did very well indeed who freakin knew go figure nickle slots ANYWAY WE WON :D
OK that is good, but did you get my application for the butler job? If that doesn't work out I could be your driver.