I got Dr. Hook beat, she is only FIFTEEN!

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I would go to jail for her, you?

Miss Teen USA 2007 contestant Logan Brook Travis poses in Pasadena, California August 14, 2007. The 15-year old from Amite, Louisiana is the youngest in the competition. The 25th Miss Teen USA pageant will be held on August 24 in Pasadena.


I have to return some videotapes!
These chicks just keep getting younger... and HOTTER!!

She has some nice tits but still doesn't have the hips of a woman yet. She's great looking though.

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This is just wrong. Ugh.


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Some of this:

And a bit of this:


Mother Shucker

I'm over here now.
Hey, it's black Earl from the future.

I posted at 105, but the time stamp says 107.


I can't think of anything funny.


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Isn't the age of consent in Canada 14? If so, EH!

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where were the 15 year olds that looked like that when I was in school.

and why was I not less of a dork so I could get with one like that?


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as long as her feet touch the ground when she sits on the curb i see nothing wrong with it...

btw...she is fucking hott!!!!!!!!
16 is the federal age of consent, so no matter what state you are in you can't go below that.

And it's just flat out scary that a 15 year old looks like that. I blame vitamin supplements.
Thats the kind of shit that gets guys in trouble. They didn't look like that when I was 15. They shouldn't be allowed to now. Fuck she's hot.